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It is a fact in Equestria that pony population has a greater female majority than any other species. There is no solid data stating that all other species, with their higher male populations, are inferior in any way. All that is known is that the highest form of living in Equestria is being an Equestria Girl.

A knee-jerk response to a “report” on Equestria Daily.

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I was expecting something made to make us angry. I was expecting something that we were supposed to rage at. After all, you made it sound like you'd had a knee-jerk reaction to the 'news'.

What I got instead was a tame retelling of the first couple minutes of the first episode with Spike as a dog, quickly deviating into an average dog owners life.

Then a punch line I really should have seen coming.

Short, tame, got a chuckle out of me at the end, not what I was expecting given the synopsis.

This is very funny. I think anyone who dislikes this rumor, will enjoy this jab at it.:moustache:

The ending was especially funny.

That ending. LOL. What a twist.

2249100 Yeah, I didn't exactly put much thought into it. At all. And I was sleepy. There's a reason it's less than 1500 words. :derpytongue2: Perhaps if the EG news turns out to be true and I can spare myself more time and passion to really work something out, I may write something in the name of genuine anger. I'll admit that this was more of a funny idea; my actual knee-jerk reaction happened on EqD with everyone else's.

2249223 2249679 Thanks for reading, y'all. :ajsmug:

2251942 Thanks for the positive reaction ... and a favorite? Wow! :pinkiegasp: I feel as though I've received a high five from Steven Spielberg for making a lame pun.

oh my sides :rainbowlaugh:

At first, I didn't really think much of this story. It was short and silly, and that was about it. After letting it settle in my brain for a day or two, though, I realized that it's actually really freaking hilarious. So, thank you for this wonderful masterpiece, you glorious man. Or woman. I'm not really sure.

2550882 I'm glad you liked it enough to get as much entertainment from it as you did. :twilightsmile: It only took a few hours to draft, edit, and touch up. There are probably more things I could have done to increase the comical impact, but there you have it.


Sadly, the hilarity of the punchline - which took me a few moments to fully sink in - doesn't quite make up for the fact that it appears the rumours are no longer rumours. (Though if were canonised - which will never, ever ever happen! - it very nearly might...!)

It's a good snicker at least, though!

My sides! :rainbowlaugh:

:rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:Oh, please. Did it one good laugh again in one future fic.:rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:



Can you please explain this to me and what's her fetish ?

4801636 Twilight enjoys long walks in the park. That is all.

It's always the quiet one's. :moustache::facehoof::rainbowlaugh:


4801778 So Spike is not sentient in this fic ?

4802182 Everyone is sentient except the bush. And the dragon pee.

Oh hot hoy hoy that was so so funny play dog:pinkiecrazy:

you know i still saddened by this being one of the more normal fetish's out there.

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