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There are only three real monsters: Dracula, Blackula, and Son of Kong.

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>inb4 torrent of downvotes...


I'll upvote because you have a good reputation on EqAD.

Alexmagnet doesn't write smut. Are you confusing him with Alexstrazsa?

I enjoyed it.


You don't have to write smut to have a good reputation.

Okay, but why are they ponies?

Because reasons...

Didnt notice the gore tag til after so whoa that was a cool surprise and seriously, how many times an u put fuck into one paragraph

Not enough times, says I.

That was the point of his character. He's just an obnoxious, sleezy, asshole.

I'm not being some unoriginal innocent newfag, I have absolutely no idea what transpired here.

Boy, I haven't thought about this story in ages. Um, well, what basically happens is that the narrator is a fucking psychopath who kills ponies. This was written for a writeoff where the prompt was "The First Time" or something like that, and the thing was that when he's being questioned by the police he says this was his first time killing someone, however, that's not the case. He's so fucking delusional that he thinks every murder is his first, or he's just fucking with the police officer. I don't remember exactly which way I went. Either way, it probably should've been fleshed out a lot more, but meh.

4853255 Well, fun that I could pull you back to an old story. Got a bad habit of procrastinating on reading so it tends to happen.

And now that I get what is going on, I can actually like the story. Thank you. :twilightsmile:

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