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I used to write stories but don't anymore. Sometimes I think about writing more. Never say die.

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"She's still soft, she's still warm, and she still smells like rancid piss. It finally gets to you and you vomit all over her."

Glad you like it, bananamang

So I hear those stallions like that rancid piss smell... hehehehe

Ever smelled doe pheromone? It's basically piss, but bucks love it. I assume it's roughly the same for Equines.

Be honest, Fluttershy is probably the only one who wouldn't be extremely upset by getting vomit on her. Plus she already knew that the smell makes him sick, so it's not like it came out of nowhere. I can relate to Anon, I went on a date and ate bad seafood and the results were the same...:twilightoops:

i know I'm a little hung up on it, but that's the whole plot. Shy puts on pheromones, It smells really bad to the human, Anon and Shy go on a date, the smells gets worse, slight drama, understanding and finally Anon pukes on her. The events following that: He apologizes and she learned a valuable lesson about humans.

So I like dis story too so yeah
rage quit


So all this time I should've just been dousing myself in urine instead of perfume? Noted.


Wonder if it's intended to be part-real, part-troll fic... Human reaction to pheremone is hilarious (And probably true).

I don't do troll-fics, but I've been accused of it before. I just dunno. Glad you thought it was funny, though.

This Was Actually A Decent Story, I'm Just Not A Fan Of First-Person Point Of View. So I Read It In Third Person Instead.

Glad you liked it.
Although, I have to nitpick, it's in Second person.
First person: "I open the door."
Second person: "You open the door."
Third person: "Anon opens the door."
Have a Purplesmart for my OCD :twilightblush:

Lol, good job :scootangel:, I liked this story so much that being in second person didn't bother me, and it's usually a deal breaker. :yay:
This was a great idea by the way, I tip my hat to you. :moustache:

Glad you liked it.
And as for the second person aspect, pretty much everything I do in this type of setting is second person. I write greentext and turn it to prose, and second person works better in greentext. If I ever write anything exclusively for this site, it won't be second person.

Read this on your pastebin.
Read it again here.
Still enjoyed it.
Brainhorn, you are good for a laugh.
Also maek another chapter for that lifeboat story, you're killing me here.

Glad you like it. Always nice to know people are liking what I do.

I'm actually working on chapter 6 of Lifeboat, now. I might even post it here eventually.

"This is major tom to ground control over"
"Go ahead major tom over"
"Yeah, ground control, I don't know how to put this, but, there are a pair of sides up here...over"

Haha, that's a clever way to put it. Glad you liked it!

You kneel down, and hug her. She's soft and warm and smells like rancid piss.

Nearly made me bite my tongue off to stop me from waking up my roommate.
In other words, good job. Not many things will make me react like that.

Edit: Last line might as well have sent me to the hospital...if I didn't give up holding in my laughter.
Wake up roommate or bite tongue...former seemed like the better choice. :P

Sorry to put you in such a bad situation, haha! I hope he wasn't upset. I'm glad you thought it was funny, though.

Don't be. Dude just went back to sleep after staring at me funnily and wondering what the crap was going on.
Keep up the awesome fics!

I vomited all over her. That went well.

Nothing like hot vomit bringing people and ponies together.

Still better than my first date

Still a better love story than Twilight's. :trollestia:

You laugh but we both know that there are those who would be drawn to the scent as surely as all those stallions were.

The vomit is very likely to make her smell better by this point.

I cringed from start to end. Good job.

5876386 Haha, yeah, pheremone is nasty stuff. I'm glad you liked it!

oh man! youre really bad making fluttershy stink!:trollestia:
first ive read fluttershy stinks so bad like rancid piss!:rainbowlaugh:

Haha! Probably best short story I’ve read this year! Good job! :twilightsmile:

I'm very glad you liked it! lol

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