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Phil Ken Sebben

I used to write stories but don't anymore. Ha Ha! Permanent hiatus.


Anon gets bored and goes to the movies, where he meets the CMC trying to sneak in. He decides to help them, but things go south.

Author's note: This was written before "One Bad Apple" aired, so that's why my knowledge of Equestrian cinema was lacking.

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I like this story, mainly because I was laughing through it all

Thank you kindly.

That's what I was going for.

The laughs flowed.

You should send this one in to Equestria Daily!:raritywink:

I'll just not and save myself the rejection. Glad you liked it, though!


It was funny. I can tell you really like writing that trio.

I love the CMC. They're so fun!

Ok I like this one thats flippin hilarious.

4562687 Thank you! That's what I was trying for. I'm glad you liked it.

4566375 Would you ever continue this?

Ok this is still awesome the second time.

4566398 I don't think so. I think it ended pretty definitively and anything further would be milking it.

4569242 Yeah probably but it sort of seems the scootaloo thing at the end could be continued, but thats probably just me.

LOL, perfection.

Nice job dude!

5780130 Thanks much, man. I'm glad you liked it!

No problem dude, this was a hell of a one sho xD

This is a very interesting and funny story, I wish there were more of it :pinkiehappy:

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