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Equestria's enemies are great and terrible, and none more so than the mad king Sombra. Though his defeat at the hands of Twilight and her friends dealt him a powerful blow, it was far from enough to see him permanently undone. Now the Crystal King has returned from licking his wounds with a man as terrible as himself called Anonymous at his side, a sorcerer driven by bitter envy freshly released from his own banishment. And the pair have set their sights on the one thing that the princesses cherish above all: the sorceress Twilight Sparkle.

Humanized, read at your own peril.

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well said anonymous, well said indeed now let us see what you will do.
will you follow celestia/lunas rule or will you continue to delve into the depths of your research.
I expect great thing from you anonymous, great things indeed.

This is good:twilightsmile:

This gonna update? It's piqued my interest.

wow cool

Gotta get back to this one man. :pinkiehappy:

I can just see the amazing potential this story has. This chapter was one of the best ones I've seen so far. Good work man, keep it up.

This is all there's to be of it then? Great, another good one dead by a forgetful author.

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