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I've come a looong way from awkwardly smashing two plastic pony toys together whilst making kissy-kissy noises... Haven't I?


(5 stars on EQD, yay!) Frustrated with repeated failures, Rainbow Dash reluctantly calls upon the aid of her friends to help her push the envelope. Hijinks ensue. But making the impossible possible, while neglecting other things, may have unforeseen consequences and sunder her from those for whom she cares the most.

Art commissioned for the story is by the wonderful artists tt-n and FruitBloodMilkaShake. Prereaders: Starfall & Steel Resolve

(Please note: looking back at the earlier chapters now, it's easy to spot countless little editing mistakes I made. Please don't let this deter you too much; I do get a little better somewhere along the line. And hopefully I'll continue improving in that department.)

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Not bad, not bad at all. Keep up the good work.


Thank you for the comment. ^.^ Chapter 3 is coming along nicely!

I love this - I know how Rainbow Dash shows her loyal, sensitive, almost mother-like side. I'm usually not a Dash fan, but I really could get into this. :twilightsmile: Five stars!

Moar is being delivered; I'm hoping to publish the fourth chapter tomorrow, or the day after at the latest.

Thank you all for the kind ratings and comments. :twilightsmile:

Why I didn't know Applejack was so witty. This was delightful to read, and I'm certainly going to continue with the next chapter now.


I hope I wasn't out of character with her (or anypony else). :applejackunsure:

I'm glad you liked it, though; I hope you'll also enjoy the subsequent chapters!

AWESOME! Keep 'em coming, mate. It'll stop me from having an emotional breakdown between delayed episodes :fluttercry:


Thanks, guy! I sincerely hope the continuous delays between chapters have not left you an emotional wreck. :twilightsheepish:

Just two more chapters to go. I'll try not to be TAR-DEEE. :twilightoops:

Holy...! That's one hell of a chapter! I want more!

@_@ So much happened in this chapter!

Need Moar!:rainbowkiss:

VERY well written. The characters fit perfectly, and the style makes it pleasant to read. This is great, keep it up!

blue in the face *face desk*

Haha, oh Rarity, you have the worst timing. :facehoof:

And now suddenly I see Spitfire or Fluttershy doing a heroic sacrifice. D :

I'm enjoying this story. A LOT. You do a great job of staying in character, keeping the show's charming humor, not to mention the fact that Twilight's theory was pure genius. I never thought about it, but it really does make sense of a few things. And the fact that Flutterdash is my favorite pairing is just the icing on the cupcake.

Fair warning though. This cliffhanger is fantastic, but If you kill off Fluttershy, I swear to Celestia,manly tears of sorrow WILL be shed. You have been warned...

Until then, take my 5 stars. Actually, take twenty of them.

26478 What, no love for the pony going supersonic speeds with the nickname Rainbow Crash? Fluttershy isn't exactly the one everypony's worried about...


Point taken. I think it's pretty clear nobody wants ANYpony to die. The suspense is killing me. :raritycry:

:applecry: dont die rainbow dash...

at first I was like :derpyderp2:

but then I :fluttercry:



liking it very much... save for one thing

WHYYYYYY did you have to put a tragedy tag in there ? now my mind is comming up with all sorts of ways this could go wrong :pinkiesad2:

Cliffhanger...why?! Plus that tragedy tag...What next? I'm really looking forwards to how this ends! It's been really fantastic so far. Will there be updates?

Oh Hey! Update. Now i need to read the whole story over again from the beginning so that this makes more sense. Thanks for not giving up on this story even after all that has happened.

Some wonderful twists and turns. I think I have ideas of the way you are headed... but you've taken it several steps further than I expected. Bravo.

So glad to see this amazing, superbly written story updated--and on today of all day's! It just made the best day ever even better. Thank you so much!

The chapter was awesomely written and really tugged at the heartstrings. Well done.

keepit up brony

Yay, another update on one of the stories I very much enjoy that hasn't been updated in a long time :pinkiehappy:

Excellent chapter for it to update with too

I am very glad that I am stilll able to keep all you wonderful readers guessing thus far. I am not quite done twisting and tugging yet, fortunately.

Thank you very much for sticking with me. There are two more chapters and an epilogue left to go. Here's to hoping I will not disappoint.

"During the reign of Discord it had been a churning mass of foaming maelstroms and towering waves (and occasionally lemonade),"

Great line, haha, so glad this story is back! :rainbowlaugh:

Ooh I just found this and I LOVE it. I have a couple guesses about what it might be.... but I need more because I'm probably wrong!!!!! Please more fast!


I'm curious to see if people are guessing correctly as to where this is all going. I managed to put at least a little foreshadowing in there.


My apologies for taking so long, forcing you to re-read the whole thing. :fluttershysad:

(I recently did that, too, since I was totally out of it. Had to fight really hard to keep myself from just rewriting the whole thing.)


There is absolutely no reason you should be apologizing. LIFE happened. It happens to everybody at least once. I don't care that it took forever for an update to occur I care that an update happened. You have absolutely no reason to be sorry for things that were entirely beyond your control. So long as the story eventually finishes I'll wait as long as it takes.


Such kind words.. :twilightsmile:

It seems I also have some catching up to do where the cartoon is concerned!


Ah, I still feel bad about it though. But, point taken. Thank you. <3

The story will finish; that I can promise. It's important to me.

Oh wow, it's been a while. I had almost forgotten about this when the new chapter appeared!

Guessing, huh? My guess is that Rainbow is somehow unable to slow down. Just like Twilight couldn't stop her magic during her entrance exam. The glowing eyes point at this. :rainbowderp:


It certainly has.. Thank you for remembering! :twilightsmile:

And about your guess: *mumbles something about not wanting to spoil anything*

It's been quite a while since an update. Pweeze?

Guh, how did I miss a new chapter for so long? :pinkiegasp:

I read this whole chapter hoping RD wasn't dea...gone forever.

So much for that plan...

Also, UPDATE PLEASE, DON'T LEAVE US HANGING!:flutterrage: I mean, if you don't mind...:fluttershysad:

This an amazing but sad story. I can't wait to see more. Poor Fluttershy... I hope she gets to she her Dashie again soon :fluttercry::heart::rainbowkiss:

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