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Not Gonna Happen · 4:18am Feb 25th, 2013

Hey to anypony who read Twilight's note at the bottom of the last chapter, I'm going to go ahead an tell you that the next chapter will not be coming out on the first. I suddenly got a boatload of homework dumped on me by my calculus and physics professors, so I need to deal with that before I get back to writing. I apologize for the wait, but I hope that you'll all understand. I'll try not to make you wait for 2 months again though...

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ahh... ok, that certainly explains it. but, i really like the way you write it and think you were doing really well with it and, hope you continue it. though, i understand if you don't. after all what's the point of doing it if it's no longer enjoyable.

I am not expecting to resume work on THTF for a fair amount of time. My current priority is a trio of Dr. Whooves fics that I am writing with a good friend of mine. This blog post explains in further detail.

just wonderin' when you expect to get back to work on the harder they fall?

I do work under the name Leftwing, but I don't actually release songs. I'm more of a live mixer than and actual artist.

I noticed you said you were an electronic musician. What do you call yourself? Or do you just work under your name?

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