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Just your average brony sharing fan fiction with the world.


Twilight tries to find a important artifact for Luna and discovers a strange object unlike anything she has seen before. After accidentally activating it, Twilight and her friends find themselves in a new world, locked in seemingly eternal combat. Will they have what it takes to survive and adept to the new world, find the now missing Cutie Mark Crusaders and return home?

This fic is mainly a tribute to my friend http://www.youtube.com/user/Sakojima5555 and their videos, though the story is my original deign.
Please note, I in no way shape or form claim any ownership or anything of the sort to My little Pony Friendship is Magic or Team Fortress 2. They belong to their creators and please support their official release. Thank You.

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WOW, looks like it's gonna be a big read so I am gonna track it and read it tomorrow. Get back to you then :D

Is that you Mr Struts?

I now hate the RED team... :flutterrage: but mostly I hate that RED scout

Yea the RED team is evil :trixieshiftleft:

Why thank you, I know that it is not very good compared to other fics, but since it is my first real attempt at writing, I am ok with it thus far. :twilightsmile: We all have to start somewhere right?


My buddy says that the BLU team is evil.

Well we all have our opinions, but since the RED is more destruction based(like the name), I thought they would be more inclined to be evil :moustache:


His reasoning behind it is that while BLU team wants to build stuff they want ONLY their stuff to be built. While RED team does want to destroy stuff its only the BLU teams stuff they want to destroy. But yeah its only a matter of opinion I personally think the leaders just want to see two teams of people kill each other for their amusment.

I don't know what Fortress is but thumbs up.

273761 Thank you :) and this is a crossover of Team Fortress 2, a game on Steam :pinkiecrazy:

Please improve on writing. Almost couldn't follow 100% of the story flow.

Mane 6 video? Please provide a link.

Hold up... Was their ever a team fortress 1? because I have never seen it.

281309 I think so, but I never heard of it xD :derpytongue2:

Team Fortress Classic was the name of TF1.

Demonizing the RED team? Doesn't sound too good, does it? :ajsleepy:

The Sagely, Industrious, Illustrious, and Incomparable Ben.? Where's that from?
And I thought there was a respawn system.

289202 Ben is a character made by VozDeSuenos, a friend from YouTube. :rainbowkiss:

What about the respawn system?

>> nightelf37
Twilight was actually on the brink of death, Luna used this as an oppertunity to talk to her. So she interupted the normal respawn process in order to be able to communicate to Twilight Sparkle. :twilightsmile:

230138 mate. Look at what you're typing. Now back to me. (etc) anyway. You ARE good at writing. And you have made a brilliant plot. As well as created in depth character development. Such as sniper's history :D

>> Dukes Well thank you for your support, I hope you enjoy my next chapter, whenever I can start writing it again. (see my recent blog-Curse you Windows 8 for why I cannot finish it at the moment :facehoof: ) Have a wonderful day! :scootangel:

If that scout hurts Scootaloo again...Im gunna do something he won't even think of.:trollestia: Bannana Time

337248 Good, though Dash would probably beat you to it xD

Yo, MidnightNight Page. Just wanted to give a quick pointer. . .that is if ya'll er wantin' one that is. :pinkiehappy:
When Twilight got shot
". . .Thus she was rather surprised when a sniper round pierced her shoulder.
“Bah, the bullets come out of the slim end.”
Twilight wincing in pain looked over at him.. . ."

The scene could be better described in detail like so. . .

"Twilight silently fumbled with the "Gun" as Sunglasses called it" she worked her magic up and around it, pulling on bits and twisting on nobs. A soft glint caught her gaze, the sun reflected on a thin piece of black metal that jutted out from under the "stock." Curious, she rested the metal tube on her shoulder so she could better see what she was doing, slowly she pushed it back, wondering what it cou-
Searing pain exploded in her shoulder as Twilight was sent flying backwards. Feeling sick and weak, Twilight's ears were ringing, her head was throbbing and she felt a warm liquid begin to pool from under her.
Twilight's ears felt like they were stuffed with cotton balls, Sunglasses laughter came from behind above her
"Heh heh heh, now when ya said that ya were smaht. Ah thought ya would av figured out which end the bullet comes ou' of."
Twilight moaned weakly as she realized she was resting in a pool of her own blood.
"Now now, don't worry mate, lets get ya to the Maedic. Im more than sure he's wantin to show that yellah friend of yours how to treat a wound properly,"

Don't be afraid to add detail to a certain part. This chapter was good. Hell this whole story is good. But it could have some more detail. Keep up the good work :derpytongue2:

487723 I blame the fandom xD Nice avatar btw :3

Big Mac let out (and probably not for the first time) an aggravated sigh “Eeyup” was all he said. Twilight used her magic to slightly amplify her voice as she announced,
“Hey everyone I am about to start to study this thing, so if you all give me some room I would appreciate it.”

everyONE? :derpyderp2:

yea xD I have barley ever edited this story xD oh well :scootangel: I am starting a new story soon anyway

YOU TOUCHED SASHA:pinkiegasp: Brace yourself:twilightangry2:

I KNEW THE PYRO WAS A GIRL!:pinkiegasp::ajsmug:

AppleDash?....Well, at least there's still tf2 in it....
Fuck it. BEST PAIRING EVAR:yay::yay::yay::yay::yay::yay::yay::yay::yay::yay:
That's 10 flutteryays

Sniper is nothing like that! And horses taste terrible:pinkiesick:

....Im gonna stop caring about team personalities now, or at least join the BLUs.....Yeah, I'm joining BLU.:pinkiehappy:

This story is weird. COOL, but weird.:rainbowderp:


573951 xD thank you for the comments, I hope that you will like the story I am going to start writing soon :pinkiecrazy:

sniper doesnt have a knife, he has a kukri.

little macintosh? i see what you did there.:eeyup:

NO! Not Builders League United! Do Reliable Excavation and Demolition! The Best Team Ever!
There's not enough RED fics in the world.

Ze Übercharge, eh? sounds like foreshadowing to me!

How do they actually use the guns?

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