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Midnight Page

Just your average brony sharing fan fiction with the world.


Midnight Page is not your average changeling. In truth he is only half changeling. His other half, while once pony has become something more. The dark pact and the double edged sword of gifts and curses it brought with it made with Nightmare Moon long ago during her original rise to power has prolonged his life far beyond what it should have been. However in a desperate attempt to preserve his sanity against the toll of the years, he has undergone a self induced amnesia and forgotten much of what he has learned over his lifetime. Through the bombardment of balefire bombs and the immediate fallout after words, he was kept in a protective cocoon and in a state of coma. But now Nightmare Moon wishes to once again establish an influence upon the world, and has awakened him to the remains of the world and her service. Join Midnight as he struggles with finding his true identity and purpose once again and dealing with the choices and actions he must take to survive in the Wasteland...

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really need some work done on this

2705207 thanks for the feed back, anything in specific? :applejackconfused:

spelling could do with work, am willing to help :).

I like this story :)

Dark portal is really awesome, Just think about it may only be as wide as a hoof but short distance punch and steal items with being right in front of them.

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