• Published 12th Feb 2012
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A fortress of friendship - Midnight Page

Twilight finds a strange object, and it teleports herself and her friends into the world of TF2.

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Fluttershy's Medic training

Fluttershy followed her new teacher, the Medic to the medical wing of the base. She was excited to learn new things that she could use to help not only her friends, but all the animals in this strange world as well. But… her mentor seemed to get angry and yell a lot. Maybe she should just ask Twilight to see if she could find a book on the subject. Before she could turn and back out of the room, the Medic turned on her and made her freeze in place.
“What, you’re leaving already? We have not even started yet!”
Fluttershy looked down, shielded from his gaze by her mane.
“Oh well… um… if you don’t mind I think I will just get a book about it… if that is ok.”
The Medic frowned.
“Bah, the only books you will find are moldy cook books and Heavy’s classic Russian novels.” Desperately, she little more than whispered, “Oh ok… well I could try-”
The Medic slammed his hand down onto the table he was standing next to, Fluttershy flinched, backing away from him and into to wall.
“No, you shall be MY student and learn from ME, understand?”
Fluttershy shrunk back as far as possible.
His eyes narrowed.
“And you will do everything I say, and learn whatever I teach you without complaint.”
Fluttershy shut her eyes tight.
The Medic walked over to her shaking form.
“And you will LOOK at me when I speak to you.”
Fluttershy swallowed and forced her eyes open, to find him scowling at her disapprovingly.
” He turned away from her and walked back to the table, which now displayed the variety of healing tools at the medic’s disposal.
“Good, now this is the medigun, it is your best way to heal your team mates and keep them alive as they protect you…”
He stopped when he realized that Fluttershy had not come with him to the table.
“Come over here,” he said and gestured with his finger. Fluttershy slowly got up and went over to the table.
“There, now we can continue.”
Fluttershy shook her head, as her eyes widened at the impressive display of tools.
“The medigun shoots out a beam of light that will heal your companions on the battlefield. And, should you keep the ray on them after they are fully healed, their bodies will have sharper reflexes and become a bit more resilient to attack for a short time.”
Fluttershy nodded.
“And now we shall discus your most potent ability to use, the ÜberCharge.”
Fluttershy cocked her head to the side.
“But…um… what does it do?”
He smiled.
“For a time, both you and your patient become temporarily invulnerable to all attack.”
Fluttershy gasped. The only ponies she knew of that could do something like that was Princess Celestia and Luna… and maybe Twilight Sparkle.
“Now you have to other items for you to use, should you wish, a bone saw and a syringe gun.”
Fluttershy, after a little practice with the items, was soon comfortable with them and wondered what she was going to learn next.
“And remember, you are a common target from snipers and back stabbing spies, so be careful.”
Fluttershy was not happy to hear this, but was surprised when the Medic said in an almost comforting tone,
“Do not worry, if you stay with the Heavy and the Pyro, they will protect you from the brunt of the attackers. The Pyro is also an excellent spy detector.”
Reassured by this knowledge, Fluttershy let out a sigh of relief.
“Well… if it is ok… I am going to head back to my room now…”
The Medic waved his hand dismissively and said,
“Go on, you should get some rest for the days ahead.”
Fluttershy nodded and after a finial whisper of thanks, slipped out to return to her room…