• Published 12th Feb 2012
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A fortress of friendship - Midnight Page

Twilight finds a strange object, and it teleports herself and her friends into the world of TF2.

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Life Changing Sparks

Twilight approached the BLU Sniper with a concerned expression on her face. He had been strangely distant lately and would often be seen moping about the BLU base instead of his usual routine of relaxing with the Demo and Scout. Twilight tapped his shoulder and whispered to him softly,
“Hey um Sniper… is everything all right?”
The Sniper sighed and turned to face her.
“Aye Twilight, everything is just fine, today… today is just a rough day for me, that’s all…”
“What’s wrong is there anything I can do to help?”
The Sniper looked away.
“No, there is nothing you can do, thanks anyway but I would rather just be left alone.”
Twilight gazed into his eyes with a determined expression.
“Sniper, I know something is bugging you, and I want to know what it is so I can help you.”
The Sniper sighed and gave in to her demand.
“Did I ever tell you WHY I always hunted targets alone, instead of working with a team, or at least another Sniper?”
Twilight mumbled, “Because they would give away your position?”
The Sniper shook his head sadly.
“Today is the anniversary of the day I lost my best friend Eissen Dargwell in the Outback, and he died because of my stubbornness to accept and use new tactics and weapons that were different from the regular standard.”
Twilight’s ears flattened as she patted him soothingly.
“Hey come on, I am sure it isn’t your fault, what happened?”
“Well, we were both on a mission to take out a few smugglers that betrayed our current employer of the time, the job went without a hitch, but when we were escaping we got cornered, dozens of guards were going to swarm us any minute…”
He paused, overwhelmed by the memories.
“Eissen wanted to try out his new prototype sniper rifle he created, he called it The Machina, and it was able to fire through a bunch of those wankers at once, at the cost of it being so inaccurate that you can’t fire the bloody thing unless it is scoped. I refused to use it, wanting to use my faithful slandered rifle.”
The Sniper sighed and in a grief filled voice whispered,
“We were slowly overrun, and Eissen was captured, right after he tossed me his rifle, so it wouldn’t fall in the hands of the smugglers, and from that day on, I always hunted targets alone. Not because I enjoyed the solitude, but because I did not want another one of my friends to die because I was to bloody argent and stubborn to listen to reason…”
Tears formed in his eyes as the finial memories of his friend flashed before his eyes, right until he was dragged behind a wall of brutish thugs, never to be seen again.
“And now he is dead… say Twilight, the other ponies said you had an interesting near death experience, what was it like?”
Twilight Sparkle blushed at the new topic as the memories of her time with Luna were still fresh in her mind, as well as heart.
Twilight took a deep breath and slowly described what had happened. Normally, she would leave out the more… romantic details, but after hearing the sad Sniper’s tale, she felt that she owed it to him. And she couldn’t help but grin slightly at the Sniper’s wide eyed reaction as she went in detail.
“Well Twi, that was a… interesting tale, but surely that wasn’t just out of the blue, where did all of… that begin?”
Twilight paused in consideration, pondering his question.
“I guess it started a year ago, Princess Luna was still having trouble adjusting to life back in Canterlot, and was very reclusive to any company. Her older sister and my mentor, Princess Celestia was worried about her and started to search for a friend that she could spend time with. It wasn’t until she noticed my fascination with the stars and all the other wonderful things in the night sky that she realized I was a good candidate.”
Twilight smiled as she remembered how awkward those first few meetings had been with Luna, until she finally started to open up more. And over all the other memories, the one that was closest to her heart was their most recent trip to the observatory…

They had settled down for a quick nap, and Twilight had just closed her eyes when she felt Luna gently stroke her back. She blushed and was about to turn over and question the surprising (but far from unwanted) caress when she heard Luna whisper in her ear softly,
“Twilight Sparkle, I beg that you never leave my side, without you I fear the nightmare would overtake me once more… And because you are very dear to me, only with you do my stars truly sparkle. Only with you am I complete…”
Twilight turned to her and whispered back, “I would never leave you Luna, I am your friend and nothing you have done or will do will ever change that…”
Luna smiled and wrapped her wing closer around Twilight to share her warmth in the chilly room they shared for times when exhaustion overwhelmed them. Twilight slowly drifted off to sleep curling up to the lunar princess’s side. Luna felt joyful warmth spread across her body and she pondered silently what else she had missed while exiled on the Moon.

“Well Twilight, thanks for giving me someone to talk to, and I hope you get to return to your home and girl soon.”
Twilight smiled and replied, “Thank you, and I hope someday you find that friend of yours…”
The Sniper glanced down at his old friend’s greatest achievement.
“Aye Twilight, so do I… so do I…”
Authors note: Just as a small note, I recently have recruited some editors, so even though the chapters my be published slower, they should be a higher quality than before. Thank you for your understanding :)