• Published 12th Feb 2012
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A fortress of friendship - Midnight Page

Twilight finds a strange object, and it teleports herself and her friends into the world of TF2.

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Dash's 20 % cooler new style

MLP tf2 crossover: Dash’s new weapon and style

Rainbow Dash had just captured the last control point and was heading inside from the battlements when she saw the others gathered around a pile of creates and… Derpy? What was she doing here? Flying over to them she noticed they were pulling out new gear. Ditzy Doo flew up to her carrying what appeared to be one of Heavy’s guns.
“I got you a package” she said one eye focused on her while the other drifted into a different direction.
“Umm Derpy I don’t think that’s my mine…”
She looked down at the large weapon and then back up at Dash then back down at the weapon again. Nodding she pulled out a small box decorated like a present.
“Here you go.”
Unfortunately this caused her to drop the heavy weapon. There was a scream of “Oh no!” from the weapon’s true owner as it plummeted downward and fell on top of him. Dash winced at the sound of the crash and quickly went to another corner of the base to see what she got. It was a strange looking gun similar to her scattershot one designed to look like a movie camera. It was called The Frenchie’s Friend and had two buttons on the side. One was labeled fast forward in blue and the other slow motion mode in red. The instructions said (rather unnecessarily) that if she fired it at her team mates she would speed up their movements and adversely slow down the RED team’s motion if that setting was on. Dash smiled to herself with the thought of running circles around the RED team especially their scout. Not that she couldn’t do that already of course, but now she wouldn’t even have to try. And the speed boast to the others will be very useful to, like when Pinkie Pie charges in with her flaming Katanas. Down on the ground Dash saw that Big Macintosh had managed to heave the large weapon off Heavy and was now testing it to become more accustomed to its different weight. On the far corner of the resupply area, Twilight was inspecting her new rifle with an upgraded scope, not unlike a telescope, much to her satisfaction. Though Dash was worried Twilight might spend more time moon gazing or day dreaming about Luna than performing her job as a Sniper. Pinkie Pie was as usual bouncing all over the room celebrating her new flame thrower that in a rather disturbing way resembled Gummy. Applejack had a new pistol which she named Little Macintosh. Zecora had a blueprint for a new sticky grenade that was hallow inside so she could put one of her more deadly brews inside. Spike was trying to show off to Rarity his new rocket launcher as she applied her new disguise kit and admiring its new found effectiveness. Fluttershy was attempting to coax an injured mouse out of his home, wanting to try out her new healing device that caused any injured animals in the immediate area of the healing to be healed whenever she healed someone on her team. Dash was sure these new weapons would give them a good edge over the Red team.
As the usual day started and they all got a chance to test out their new items, Dash could not help but feel…aggravated. Like she was missing out on something and it kept nagging her until it started to drive her crazy. At one point she came to the conclusion that her hat needed to be 20% cooler to go with her new gun.
“Wait, why do I care about my fashion?”
Then a terrible thought entered her head. Ohmygosh am I turning into Rarity or something? Shaking her head to clear her mind she could not help but still feel like she still needed a change for her hat. Dash started to wonder about why her new and improved scatter gun looked like a movie camera when she heard a strange popping noise. Dash reflexively dove for cover and when nothing happened she looked around to see what had made her jump. As her eyes drifted over her reflection she gasped. Instead of the classic hat of the scout, she now had a black french beret. Inside it on the rim was sewed Maxime’s Best. Who is that? Dash wondered.
“I must say, you have wonderful taste in fashion Dash.”
Dash jumped into the air in surprise as the Spy uncloaked next to her.
“I would never have pegged you as a lover of Maxime’s films, but it is a small universe no?”
Dash stared at him with a look of confusion.
“But I don’t even know how this is…”
Spy’s eyes widened.
Strange that you would imitate so closely one you are not familiar with, though I suppose the same could be said for when I disguise. Nevertheless, Maxime is a renowned creator of the finest of classics, as well as some of the more recent titles.”
He then recounted several movies that were directed by the famous director’s genius. Dash shook her head unfamiliar with any of the titles. The Spy simply shrugged and offered that she could join him and Rarity later that night should she wish to experience their wonder. Dash, though she had been slightly intrigued, declined saying that she would be busy.
“If you ever change your mind, express your interest to myself or dear Rarity and we shall fetch you once we can arrange a time to view Maxime’s epics. I fear that you would find it rather difficult to find us on your own…”
With that he bowed and cloaked. Dash with nothing else to do, she started back toward the practice room when she suddenly realized that her new found hat and gun must be part of a set of some sort. And maybe if she had the full set, she could figure out why her new gear was attributed to whoever this Maxime was.
“It will at least give me something to look forward to, besides finding a way back home that is…”
Her new mission now set in her mind; she flew up to her favorite napping spot for some much needed rest.