• Published 12th Feb 2012
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A fortress of friendship - Midnight Page

Twilight finds a strange object, and it teleports herself and her friends into the world of TF2.

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Tank 2.0

Scootaloo felt a swirl of emotions overtake her as she followed Applejack and her idol back to the room they now shared. She knew that she should not feel bad about not saving her best friends, and that she should rejoice that they were out of the RED base. But there was a deep feeling of guilt. Guilt caused by the knowledge that while she had spent time with her idol safe and sound, they were suffering. Even though the other fillies had forgiven her, Scootaloo still hadn’t completely forgiven herself just yet. And now they were kidnaped by that powerful dragon that convinced them to work for him.
“I… I should be there with them, not relaxing here, it is not fair…”
As Dash led Applejack to their bed for the night, Scootaloo curled up in a corner and wept, wishing that she could figure out a way to support her friends.

Rainbow Dash was worried about Scootaloo. It had been two days now after the Ben incident, and Scootaloo still seem to be in a haze of guilty suffering. If she didn’t change soon, she might do something drastic.
“And even if she does not do anything crazy, I cannot watch her tail all the time, if only she had somepony to hide behind or something…”
But they all had a job to do; she knew nopony could be spared to shadow the junior BLU team member. And then an idea crossed her mind. She doesn’t need a chaperone, she just needs something to help protect her and even hide behind if the RED team makes a grab for her again. What Scoot needed was…
“Tank…or at least the next best thing.”
Dash flew over to the BLU Engi’s workshop, knowing that he and AJ were most likely there, talking about their past farm life. And she guessed right, crashing in a rather unceremonious, though not in the least bit unpleasant way, on Applejack. Applejack’s eyes widened as she noticed the awkward position that she and Rainbow Dash were in, and in front of the BLU Engi no less. Blushing she asked her friend,
“Um sugarcube, what is so mighty important that ya have ta charge in here and crash on me?”
Dash blushed as the Engi began to chuckle at the scene before him.
“I need your help, both of your help if you can spare the time Engi.”
After calming down, he replied “Sure I can, what’s the problem?”
Dash sighed in relief and told them her idea, watching them closely as they pondered her notion.
“Ok, so I was thinking about making a robotic sentry in the form of my pet turtle, Tank to protect Scootaloo. I am worried that she might do something crazy to try and see her friends again…”
Applejack raised a hoof awkwardly, as Dash was leaning across her body that left her little options in the way of movement. Though the element of Honesty would be lying if she said she did not enjoy every second of it.
“Well, ah am proud of you for wanting to protect Scootaloo, and ah will help you anyway ah can Dashie.”
Dash smiled and hugged her and turned to Engi. He nodded and said, “It is a good idea, we should be able to build it in a day if we work together.”
The three sketched out a design and after a few modifications by Dash to make everything 20% cooler, they were finished. It was a relatively simple process converting a sentry into a robot, and the turtle modification had even increased its armor capabilities. As the made the finishing touches on the creation, Dash had to admit it looked pretty awesome. Outwardly, it appeared to be nothing more than a metallic looking turtle. But the RED team would be in for a surprise if they got to close to Scootaloo with him around, as his head concealed a mini sentry turret, which he fired through his mouth and a small rocket launcher that was built into his shell. Best of all, it was immune to spy sappers. But even with all this, it was missing something. It was not until Fluttershy had visited them did Dash realize what was missing. Though Scootaloo did need more protection, there was something even more important. Now more than ever, Scootaloo needed something to share her troubles with, a friend. And Dash was sure that if anypony could get the bot to act realistic enough to pass as a lifelike turtle, it would be Fluttershy. Fluttershy, after a bit of convincing to overlook the more violent parts of the robotic creation, was happy to help Scootaloo have a wonderful future pet. Dash had just settled down onto Applejack, using her as a living bed, for a quick nap when Fluttershy returned.
“Oh…um… Rainbow Dash I have taught this robotic turtle everything about what it means to be a turtle, and the local wildlife has more or less accepted him. And now I really need to get back to the forest and make sure the RED team is not poaching them…if that’s ok…”
Dash nodded and Fluttershy left the workshop. The BLU engineer, realizing his work was done for the day left to go play his guitar. After taking a small nap with Applejack, Dash collected Tank 2.0 and together they went to find Scootaloo.

Scootaloo had just begun planning her next way to sneak out of the BLU base to find Ben’s castle when she noticed her sister and idol approaching her. Dash smiled and said, “Hey kid, guess what? I have a surprise!”
Scootaloo felt her heart accelerate; she loved it when Dash showed off her moves.
“Is it a new trick Dash?”
Dash shuck her head.
“Nah, it’s something way cooler than that.”
Scoot’s eyes widened. “What is it?”
Dash gestured at the turtle by her side and Scootaloo just cocked her head in confusion.
“This is your new pet and friend, Tank 2.0! And he is not just your average turtle either; he can also protect you as a walking sentry.”
Scootaloo could not believe that Dash had gone to so much trouble to make her happy and tackled Rainbow Dash in a hug, tears of joy falling from her eyes.
Dash chuckled.
“Ok, ok kid your welcome, now how about you go play with your new pet?”
Scootaloo nodded and rain off into the distance, turtle in toe. Dash smiled; glad that she could cheer Scootaloo up and prayed to Celestia and Luna that the protection it offered would never necessary...