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A fortress of friendship - Midnight Page

Twilight finds a strange object, and it teleports herself and her friends into the world of TF2.

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The Derp has been Doubled

Derpy was having a rough day as the newly created Benn Co.‘s mailmare. Not only had her new employer put her through a bunch or random strenuous tasks before deeming her “worthy” of being the deliverer of whatever Ben decided to supply the teams in order to add more challenges, she wasn’t even able to be paid in muffins anymore. The Sagely, Industrious, Illustrious, and Incomparable Ben may be a powerful dragon overlord, but a fine muffin chief he was not. And his servants were only slightly more successful than their master. The best thing about working though was that she could check up on the cutie mark crusaders that were imprisoned in Ben’s fortress. However, no matter what she did, her thoughts would always return to her poor daughter Dinky, who would be starving by now. Hopefully her good friend Carrot Top would come by to take care of Dinky in her absence. She would often watch over her while Derpy was busy with delivering mail all over Ponyville. Derpy had just finished her muffin brake when she felt a sharp pain exploded in her side. She glanced around quickly, trying to figure out what had caused her such pain, but it was no use. The last thing Derpy saw was the RED Sniper tipping his hat and flashing her a strange gesture with his hand…
Slowly, Derpy’s consciousness returned. She could just barely make out the conversation around her as she came into focus.
“-and all I am saying is it seems stupid to go after the post pony instead of one of the more valuable ones, like their Heavy or Scout.”
“No Scout, this is the best option, they will never think to examine this accident prone mail pony, where as one of the others would attract more attention if discovered doing something out of ordinary.”
“But Spy, I still don’t see-”
The RED Spy waved his hand dismissively and turned to his team’s medic. “Medic, was the experiment successful?”
The RED Medic adjusted his glasses and after smiling at the pony on the table replied, “Yes the procedure went perfectly, but now…” He paused to strap on his rubber gloves and gave the group a mad grin. “I must make a few necessary improvements to our new member’s sight and vocal abilities.”
The others left to go about their daily routine and left the Medic alone. He laughed with cruel satisfaction as he examined his new creation. It was an exact clone of the mare that lay strapped to a nearby table, but modified to be faster, stronger, and most importantly more open to the RED team’s less savory ideals. As he finished the final corrections to the pony’s eyes and vocal cords, his mind drifted back to when those fools dared to steal HIS medical license.
“Well let them see the genius they turned their backs on now…” He scowled and retired to his room for the night.
Derpy was frozen in shock. The RED team had cloned her? And what were they going to do to the original Derpy Hooves, just kill her? But if so, why hadn’t they done so already? Derpy wasn’t sure what was going on, but she knew she had to escape and warn the other ponies. Derpy struggled for a moment, but soon gave in. The rope was too strong to brake without some kind of help. Just as she was about to surrender to the despair inside of her, she heard a familiar voice from across the dim lite room.
“Oh my, just where has the TARDIS landed me this time? Perhaps I should go and recalibrate the- oh my Ditzy Do, is that you?”
It was her good friend Dr. Whooves, she was saved! Derpy quickly gnawed through the gag and whispered silently, “Doctor, is that you?”
“Derpy where are you? I cannot see in this dark hallway.”
Eventually, after a few minutes of wondering the dark trying to find Derpy by listening to her voice, Doctor Whooves finally found her.
“Derpy, how are you my number one assistant?” He paused and examined her more closely, gasping as he noticed her restraints. The Doctor silently approached her with his trademark Sonic Screwdriver, smiling at her, though there was a concerned look in his eyes. He quickly cut her loose and caught her as she stumbled forward.
“What are you doing here, who did this to you?”
“It… It was the RED team, but that is not important, look you need to see this.”
Derpy lead him to the adjacent table and flinched when he gasped.
“Oh my, it’s a clone!”
Derpy glanced around franticly at the dim lit corridors around them.
“Doctor be careful, somepony might hear us!”
The Doctor ignored her, lost in thought as he studied his assistant’s look alike. “It seems that they have made some modifications to your clone, her eyes are… not as unique as yours.” He paused then added, “Not that your eyes are not pleasant to view as well, they are very fetching in fact…” He trailed off, blushing slightly. Derpy blushed and looked away.
“Thanks Doctor, but we REALLY need to get out of here, I don’t know how long until the RED team returns and I don’t want to find out what they have planned for us if they catch us.”
He nodded and activated his sonic screw drivers tracking device to guide them back to the TARDIS. They silently started off on the long trip back to the TARDIS, though they had a feeling like somepony or something was fallowing them…

Once they reached the TARDIS and the Doctor had calibrated the TARDIS to transport them to the BLU base, they ponies let out a sigh of relief. Wasting no time, Derpy grabbed some muffins from her stash on the TARDIS and after sitting down with the Doctor, began to describe the situation that the unfortunate ponies were faced with.
Doctor Whooves listened as Derpy explained to him the seemingly never ending conflict between the BLU team and the RED team. He could not resist shuddering at the description of the cruel RED team and their actions compared to the BLU team. After examining Derpy for any unknown injuries, he leaned close, a concerned look on his face. “I am sorry Derpy; I never should have left you alone to study this world by yourself. If I had known that-” Derpy held up her hoof.
“It is ok Doctor, really I am fine…”
“Are you sure that you ok Derpy?” Derpy nodded and suddenly leaned forward and hugged him. “Thank you for rescuing me Doctor, I don’t want to know what the RED team was going to do to me now that they cloned me.”
Doctor Whooves smiled and simply held her. “Now then my lovely assistant, how about we venture forth to the BLU base and find out what they are up to?”
Derpy nodded and together they left the TARDIS, and started to move toward the BLU territory. “So Derpy, do you enjoy your job here?” Derpy nodded and asked, “So what have you been up to Doctor after you left me to examine this world and everything?”
The Doctor did not answer and Derpy whipped around, her eyes widening in shock at what she saw. The Doctor was lying on the ground a knife was sticking out of his back and a pool of blood was slowly forming. The RED spy stood behind him, and with a wicked grin flicked a cigarette onto Doctor Whooves’ still forum and said “Cheers Doctor.” Blind rage swarmed Derpy’s mind and she started to run toward the spy. But before she could reach him, she noticed Doctor Whooves raise his head slightly and begin to cough up blood, causing her to freeze in place. She quickly knelt down to her friend and cradled his head, leaning close to try and make out what he was saying.
“Di…Ditzy Do… I think I lo-”
Suddenly his eyes rolled to the back of his head and he was completely still. Derpy’s heart froze in grief and pain. He had called her Ditzy Do, a nickname he had given her when they had first met in the forest so long ago… “No… Doctor please no…” But he did not react.
“No, no, no, NO!”
She lunged at the RED spy, who had been watching her with a bored expression as he viewed the scene before him. He tried to cloak, but Derpy was able to guess his location and swiftly buck him in the head, causing his body to crumple limply. Though Derpy wanted to pound the Spy’s body into pulp, if she was going to have any chance of saving the Doctor, she needed to get help immediately. She called out desperately,
“Help, some pony help me!”
A rainbow blur flew past her and stopped right before she would have collided with a nearby tree. “He Derpy, what’s-”
Rainbow Dash’s eyes widened and she froze. After a moment she swallowed and said quickly, “I’ll go get Fluttershy and the Medic.” She flew off in a frantic flap of her wings. And in 10 seconds flat she returned, Fluttershy in tow with the BLU Medic and Scout following close behind. “Oh, oh my goodness!” Fluttershy and the Medic quickly trained their mediguns on Doctor Whooves. Slowly the wound closed and he started to breathe again softly. Derpy gasped, surprised that her dear friend was alive once again. The Medic shouldered the Doctor in a practiced motion and nodded to Fluttershy. He started to sprint at an even pace that would not disrupt the pony in his arms, Fluttershy followed close behind him. Derpy never left his side; she kept one eye on him and the other on everything else. When they reached the Medic’s operating room, Derpy nervously tapped the Medic on the shoulder.
“Will… will he be ok?”
The Medic adjusted his glasses and responded after a pause.
“Yes, though he must not be disturbed so his body has time to heal….”
Derpy’s ears fell in sadness. “I… I understand, can you send for me when he is awake?”
The Medic nodded and turned to begin examining her friend for any injuries that the mediguns had not healed. Derpy gazed at her wounded friend one last time before leaving the room. Derpy was not sure what she was going to do but one thing was clear. The RED Spy would pay for what he did to the Doctor. Derpy decided that the best way to punish the Spy was to beat him at his own game…
“Are you sure you want to learn how to be a spy” The BLU Spy asked, confused at Derpy’s sudden request. Derpy hung her head and said, “Please I…I need to do something to show that spy that he can’t get away with what he did.” The Spy nodded and motioned for Rarity to approach the Pegasus. Rarity immediately set to work measuring her for her new gear as the Spy began to explain all the tools at the Spy’s disposal. “Well, let us begin with one of the most essential weapons, the butterfly knife…”

Derpy was surprised how relatively simple learning to be a spy was. The only thing she had to worry about was make sure she kept her watch cloak fully charged (which would recharge whenever she stopped moving) and to always stay on the move when disguised to avoid suspicion. Once she had mastered the basics, she thanked them and returned to the Doctor. He was still asleep and Derpy was warned by Fluttershy that any visits could cause a lot of unnecessary strain on him. Derpy sighed as she looked down upon her friend. With a deep breath she tuned and trotted to the door. It was time to get to work…
The RED Heavy tapped one large foot as he waited for the Spy to finish whatever he was doing and join him. “Spy, you must come over here and help us or you shall no longer be credit to team!”
The RED Spy grimaced and uncloaked beside him. “Very well, shall we go?” They started forward, slowly making their way into the BLU territory until they were stopped by a level 3 sentry gun. Luckily (for the spy) the Heavy took the brunt of the initial attack as they ran for cover. The Heavy sat down to eat his sandvich and glanced up at the Spy beside him. “Spy, go and sap that sentry so we can keep moving.” The Spy nodded and cloaked. Suddenly the Heavy fell over, a bullet piercing his skull. The Spy uncloaked and looked down at him. “Oh my, I guess I will go get the Medic…”
After a few shouts, the Medic finally found the impatient RED Spy, and began to heal him of his minor wounds. When he finished, he turned to the Spy and said, “Go and get the Demoman to take out the sentry Spy…” He nodded and moved to cloak. “Thank you for your assistance doctor.” The Medic nodded and moved to examine the Heavy for the small chance he was still alive, so he would not have to wait for him to respawn. He paused as he heard the Spy uncloak beside him and lean over to whisper to him.
“FYI I’m Derpy”
And then stabbed him in the back. Derpy growled in announce as her she glanced down at her muffin flavor kit (disguise kit). “Aw, you got blood on my muffins…” After retrieving her knife, The Bubble Popper, she grabbed more paper bags from the kit. She placed one on her head to give her the appearance of the RED Medic and slipped on two bags over her hooves to disguise her Spy weapons as the Medic’s gear. She paused as she turned to head back into the RED base, glancing down at the RED team members she had just killed. With a dark grimace she moved on. The RED team more than deserved what happened to them. And this was only the beginning…
Derpy continued through the RED base weary of any interactions with the other team members, as it would look odd for the RED medic to be wondering the RED base without another team member. The RED Scout’s laugh echoed though the hall beyond her. She leaned over and peered into the passage and gasped. The RED Scout had pinned down Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash by using a bat which seemed to cause the bonk ball to bounce off the walls and hit them both at once repetitively. Every time they took a step forward the bonk ball pushed them three steps back. Derpy discarded her useless disguise and rushed forward passed her friends. She saw the ball coming toward her but didn’t slow down. Keeping one eye on the bouncing and the other eye on her surroundings she was able to dodge the onslaught of the bonk ball.
”Hey Scout!” She called out as she moved closer. Once he looked up in confusion she knew this was her chance, after a quick summersault she got into rage she smirked as she held up her revolver (the enforcer) The Special Delivery. “I brought you a letter!” Two quick shots in the chest and he was out. Derpy grabbed his bat, ‘Dash would probably find a good use for this…’ Behind her Rainbow Dash whistled.
“Wow Derpy good job, I bet you could give Rarity a run for her money, and she has been a spy for weeks!” Derpy smiled in gratitude and offered the RED Scout’s strange bonk bat. Rainbow Dash smiled and took it from her before glancing back at Fluttershy.
“Come on Fluttershy; let’s head back to the base. I have an idea for a modification to improve this bat, besides it’s about time for me and AJ to switch classes again and I need to check on Scootaloo.”
Fluttershy turned to her and smiled. “Thank you for helping us Derpy.”
Derpy smiled and waved as they started back for the haven of the BLU base.
“Hmm, it seems like I am not the only mailmare around here…” murmured a strangely high pitched voice behind her.
Derpy jumped and turned to see her clone standing in front of her. It was like looking at a twisted mirror. Her eyes unlike Derpy’s were completely focused on the pony in front of her. And the most disturbing thing was as she gazed into her copy’s eyes, all she saw was a cold void of scorn and disgust. An involuntary shiver ran down Derpy’s back as the clone moved closer. The clone abruptly lashed out and slammed Derpy’s head against the wall. The clone scowled down at her and whispered in her ear, “Is that all you got, I must be more of an improvement then the RED team suspected.”
Derpy tried to get up and counter attack but her clone was just too fast and agile. The clone launched into the air and started to fly toward the BLU base, pausing to call out, “But don’t take my word for it, let’s see if your friends enjoy the new and improved Derpy Hooves!”
Derpy jumped up and started to give chase, but the pain in her head clouded in her vision. Derpy screamed in frustration as her body refused to listen to her. And Derpy knew that she would never forgive herself if her friends got hurt because of her double…
Doctor Whooves paced outside the Medics operating room, awaiting the return of his friend. ‘I hope I did not scare her away by admitting my feelings to her so suddenly….’ And then over the horizon he spotted the blur of a gray Pegasus with a blond mane. His heart raced as she slowly landed on the ground next to him. He smiled at her and began to ask, “Derpy, what have you been up to-“and was silenced as Derpy lunged forward and embraced him with a kiss…
Ditzy Do had a terrible feeling that she was too late to stop whatever chaos her clone was unleashing on her friends. If she could just get there before her clone could. She had just passed over the fence into the BLU base when she witnessed her worst nightmare. Beneath her, Doctor Whooves and her clone were lost in a kiss. Derpy’s eyes clouded once more, this time with tears that caused her more agony than anything she had felt before. Unable to watch, she turned and flew to the one place she doubted anypony would guess to find her…

Ditzy collapsed against the rotting wall of the abandoned warehouse. She felt so alone and miserable. It seemed that her clone was right; everypony liked the “New Derpy” now, even Doctor Whooves. Maybe she should just- she then felt a strange looking rat run into her weeping form. It had a thick gray coat, and except for an oddly receding hairline appeared to be just an average rat. Ditzy fished out a few muffins and set one down by the rat. The rat moved toward the muffin with a squeak of approval, but somehow managed to run into the wall instead. Ditzy chuckled softly as she moved the muffin so it was directly in front of the unfortunate rat. “He-he don’t worry, that happens to me a lot. I can get a little clumsy at times…” The rat squeaked and started to eat, curling up to her again affectionately.
“Would you like to be friends?”
The rat nodded as it continued to eat the meal given to it.
“Hmm, you need a name…how about Sam?”
The Rat squeaked happily at the new identity. After a few moments, they had finished the muffins at sat quietly with nothing to do. Ditzy idly gazed around the area until she saw something that started to make her heart race. The RED Spy was leaning against the wall of the ally in front of her, with his backed turned. Ditzy moved forward, using the shadows to conceal her movement. Just as she was about to move in for the kill, the RED spy flinched and cried out in pain.
“Stupid rat, get away from me!”
Sam, who had decided to bite at the Spy’s ankles started to run in fear of the oncoming kick of the Spy. Ditzy wasted no time and quickly stabbed the unsuspecting spy.
“Don’t you dare hurt my friends again you monster!”
Derpy grimaced at the Spy’s dead body before turning to her new friend. She gasped slightly as she noticed the rat was actually female as she cradled the scared rat against her.
“It’s ok Sam, you are safe with me.”
Ditzy looked at the tall walls of the BLU base, and sighed.
“Come on Sam, let’s go meet some other friends, or at least I hope they still are my friends…”
Ditzy flew over the wall of the BLU base and found her target. With a deep breath, she dove down and knocked her clone out of the arms of the Doctor. The Doctor gasped as the new Derpy started to attack the pony he had just been kissing. The Doctor looked into the eyes of the intruder and after noticing the trademark wondering of her eyes. The realization hit him without warning and he turned to the new bloody Derpy on the ground across from him.
“B-but if you’re my Ditzy, who is… the CLONE!”
The now revealed clone scowled.
“Come on Doctor, you know that I am the one you really want. Has SHE ever done what we did?”
The Doctor blushed and answered softly.
“No, but that does not mean you are any better than her, and how DARE you impersonate my Ditzy!”
He lunged forward and punched her in the jaw, knocking her out cold. Ditzy wrapped her hooves around her friend and cried.
“I am sorry I doubted you Doctor…”
The Doctor smiled and held her close.
“It’s ok Ditzy; if anypony should be ashamed it would be me for not seeing though her cover. Now how about we move her to a dimension that would better suit her hmm?”
Ditzy smiled but asked. “And where would that be?”
“I noticed when I checked the list of “improvements” the RED medic made upon your clone that it would have an exceptionally captivating singing voice. And I know of a particular musical dimension, Ituneis that would be a perfect new home for her.”
Ditzy nodded and leaned close to him.
“Alright Doctor but there is one thing we need to do first…”
The Doctor scratched his head in confusion.
“Alright, but what did I miss?”
Ditzy leaned even closer.
“This…” and pulled him into a kiss.
The Doctor was glad to have his friend back, and no matter how many “improvements” they made to the clone, the kiss that he and his Ditzy shared blow them all away…

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