• Published 12th Feb 2012
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A fortress of friendship - Midnight Page

Twilight finds a strange object, and it teleports herself and her friends into the world of TF2.

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Twilight's Sniper training

Twilight’s Sniper training

The Sniper turned to Twilight, and after handing her a book titled Snipin’ for dummies, A Derpy Guide left her to take a nap. Though Twilight was curious about the similarly named Derpy to the one they knew in Ponyville, she pushed those thoughts aside and focused on the task at hoof. The first chapter was the professional’s rules that governed any good snipers judgment. The standards were to be polite, be efficient and to have a plan to kill every pony you meet. Twilight was not sure about the last tenant but the rest were an easy policy to fallow. The remainder of the book listed in detail the importance of keeping her rifle in good repair, and to always try and find a good vantage point that overlooked the area, without being in the direct path of something like rocket launchers range. Twilight then found her surprising lazy teacher asleep in his bed. After pushing him off the bed and waking him up, they proceeded outside to the battlements for practice.
In the distance Twilight could see a RED Heavy and Pyro deep in a game of chess. The Sniper easily took the Pyro with hardly a moment of concentration. Twilight, while fully studied on how to maintain her weapon, had no idea how to actually fire said weapon. Thus she was rather surprised when a sniper round pierced her shoulder.
“Bah, the bullets come out of the slim end.”
Twilight wincing in pain looked over at him.
“No really?”
After taking Twilight over to Fluttershy to get healed, she continued with the Sniper out to the archery range. After getting 5 bull’s eyes in one shot, he handed the bow over to her. The shot went wild, though somehow caused the Pyro in the building behind them to meet his end, much to the Sniper’s amusement as he fell over laughing. Twilight found that she was no better in dealing with a knife. Later, after resorting to the use of a rocket launcher to destroy a practice dummy, he left her saying
“One sniper to another mate, give up”!
A few hours later, Twilight had just finished pinning the RED spy to the wall with her knife when she heard clapping behind her. The Sniper stood there and nodded approvingly as he had witnessed her single hoofidly take out the entire RED team.
“See, I told you snipin’ was a good job…”
After cleaning off her knife and closing the eyes of her latest kill out of respect, she fallowed Sniper back home. Twilight wondered how the others were doing…