• Published 12th Feb 2012
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A fortress of friendship - Midnight Page

Twilight finds a strange object, and it teleports herself and her friends into the world of TF2.

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Rainbow Dash: Scout training

Rainbow Dash fallowed Scout out to the practice field behind the base, eager to get started. Though she was still not entirely comfortable with her new teacher, she was sure whatever he would teach her would be mastered quickly and so she wouldn’t have to deal with him for long. Still she may have been a little too hard on him. Granted, should it happen again, she wouldn’t hold back for Applejack or anypony. Dash was not about to love and tolerate someone who considered her a stallion, especially if Applejack was there… Shaking her head to clear her thoughts, she continued until they reached the batting cage.
“Ok, first things first, let’s see how good you can swing” the Scout said as he tossed her a rusted bat, slightly modified by the Engineer so that she could wield it with her hoofs and not have to use her teeth.
“Swing at what?” she started when suddenly a wave of base balls launch toward her from the machine in the corner.
After a few bad hits by the onslaught of sports equipment (Causing Scout to laugh at her in revenge for what she had done earlier), but Dash got the hang of it eventually. Soon she was batting the balls back faster than it could pitch to her, even at max speed. Scout, who was disappointed his pupil had learned so early on and spoiling his fun, turned off the machine and led her to the firing range. Dash soon grew frustrated as could not she squeezed the trigger and was about to turn her rage onto Scout when Applejack arrived.
“Hey there sugarcube, how are you?”
Dash jumped at the arrival of her friend.
“Hey Applejack… I am ok I guess, I just wish I could figure out how to fire these things!”
The earth pony leaned over to her and repositioned her arms and weapon.
“Here try holding it like this, so you can aim easier and the recoil doesn’t hit you so hard.”
Dash nodded and focused on her task. She checked that she was still in the position that Applejack set her in to improve her accuracy, and slowly pulled the trigger… BANG, the scattergun fired and all three targets instantly lost their heads.
Dash smiled and said, “Hey thanks AJ, now I can show him that anything he can do, I can do but way more awesome!”
She then tried out the pistol using AJ’s tips to guide her. She found the pistol proved to be far more effective at shooting long range than the scattergun, and in no time (though not exactly 10 seconds flat) she had mastered all of her weapons. She had just lined up another shot when she felt Applejack nuzzling her, and proceeded to drop the gun and freeze in place. She felt Applejack lean close and whisper in her ear, “Sure thing Dashie, glad ah could help you.”
Rainbow Dash surprised by the sudden display of affection turned away embarrassed and blushing slightly.
“A-applejack stop, I don’t want to give Scout any ideas that he could use to endlessly tease me…”
Her friend nodded and moved away towards her own mentor.
A swirl of confusing emotions hit Dash and before she realized what she was doing she called out, “Oh and AJ… thanks for that…”
Applejack gave her what looked like a knowing smile and winked at her before continuing on her way. The blue pegasus stood there for a moment before clearing her head. She then decided that it was time to tell Scout the good news.
Scout had left earlier saying, “I got better things to do than watch a rookie play T-ball” and had not said where he was going.
Fortunately after a quick scan of the battlements from the sky, Dash finally found him. Unfortunately, he was not alone. The RED Heavy had tossed him against the wall and was laughing as he attempted to pick himself up off the ground. Rainbow Dash was enraged. She was fine with knocking him up a bit for calling her a stallion, but this was NOT cool. She dashed over to the Heavy, and after tapping him on the back of the head with her bat, she said as casual as possible,
“Hey… what’s up?”
The RED Heavy rubbed his eyes, trying to figure out what he was seeing and if it was really real. Rainbow Dash took advantage of this moment and slammed him over his head with her bat. The Heavy reflexively punched forward, knocking the air out of Dash’s lungs, but not before she could hit him again. After a few more swings and a narrowly dodged fatal punch, he fell over and was groaning in pain. On the final strike, Rainbow Dash could not help but whisper just loud enough for Scout to hear, his signature catch phrase,
Scout had just managed to get up and lean against the wall when he shouted “Look out!”
Dash turned around and fired to clips of her scattergun into the surprisingly stealthy solider behind her. In the distance, Dash could see the RED Scout dashing away towards his base. A few rounds of her pistol finished him off before he went five feet. That done, and their immediate safety secured, Dash looked over at Scout. He was bruised badly and was holding an arm that was twisted at an impossible angle. Lending him a hoof so he could rise, she heard him say, “Thanks palie” before sinking into unconsciousness.
Dash dragged him over to a nearby heal kit and started to applied the bandages.
“A scout’s best friend” he called them, explaining that since the Medic was usually busy with the Heavy or Pyro, and the Engineer didn’t share his dispenser very often because he didn’t like “varmints that only brought trouble”, the health kits were the only reliable way for a Scout to get healed quickly. Scout looked up at his unexpected savor and said,
“Hey um… thanks for helping me out back there, I appreciate it really…”
Dash smiled.
“Hey, no problem, besides, I am the Element of loyalty, I could never leave my friends hanging.” “Element of loyalty?”
Scout asked looking confused. Dash quickly explained how she and her friends were the Elements of Harmony and how they helped save Equestria from Nightmare Moon and Discord… Scout nodded in understanding before he froze.
“Wait, wait, wait friend?”
Dash shrugged.
“Sure, we can be friends, if you promise to stop calling me a stallion that is…”
Scout beamed.
“Alright, sure, I promise.”
Dash wished Pinkie Pie was there to instruct him in how to do the swear that was her namesake. As if summoned from thought, Pinkie appeared next to scout and guided him through the steps. That finished, she said ominously,
“And remember, breaking a promise is the fastest way to lose a friend, FOREVER!”
Pinkie suddenly disappeared without a trace. Scout glanced over to his new friend.
“Does…does she do that often?”
Dash was about to reply when “FOREVER!” suddenly rang out from behind them. They could just see a pink blob in the distance. Both knew that the figures eyes were staring deeply into their souls, searching for signs of any promises broken. Rainbow Dash turned around.
“A-anyway Scout, what is it like back home where you live?”
Scout chuckled.
“Well I got my Ma and my brothers and ever since I was a kid, I always wanted to play in the big leagues…”
When his story was done, Dash responded with one of her own, telling about her dream of joining the Wonderbolts, and her first Sonic Rainboom…

Once their stories were done, the headed back to the base for some relaxation, chatting and laughing like old friends reunited. Dash still was not sure of what to make of all this, but she at least she had her friends, old and new to stand by her. And Rainbow Dash never leaves a friend hanging in the time of need…