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As the world burns in nuclear fire, a man who has managed to find temporary salvation in a small bunker turns on it's TV. Only to find an episode of My Little Pony still broadcasting...

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nah humanity is strong it could survive a nuclear war quite easyly

What...Allright, ya' know what? I'm not even gonna read this, YET. First, I'm gonna up-vote it because the description just caught my eye, and THEN I will read it.

1499713 Have you ever seen the aftermath of a nuke? if the blast didn't destroy us the radiation would, if that didn't it would destroy the ozon efectly no longer sheltering us from the UV rays, then everything left would burn.

Good luck with that

A man that somehow magically still gets broadcasts of My Little Pony in the middle of a nuclear holocaust wonders where humanity went wrong by comparing them to the fictional and unrealistic children's show humans created from moral values they wish to convey to youth.

Is that about right? :rainbowhuh:

Loved it! (sorry for not saying something productive)

1499723 simple answer:live underground there you dont need to worry about the radiation and the sun

dude know this:humanity can never be destroyed not by a nuke not by anything

Allright. I read it. And...I think I feel a tear stinging my eye. Thanks for the good read man.

1499749 Well there are a few underground bomb shelters but very little of them have a renewable food source. There are also a few other things but basically right now there is not a place that can sustain humanity for a few years. Which they will need to wait for the radiation to die down to TRY to recolonize the planet.

1499723 As Fallout has taught us, Humanity survives EVERYTHING


This story.

I'm glad I read it.

It was quite well executed.

A nice view of someone getting something good at the end.


Really enjoyed this.


Hmmm, I'd appreciate a sequel...
He IS in a bunker...

1499808 point taken... I love fallout too much to argue about it

I don't know your name, so I'll call you Mr. Fucking Awesome.

Very interesting concept, and it was written very well. This thing should have more than 24 likes. It was enjoyable to read, and while the ending was kind of sad it was still awesome. Putting you on watch, in hopes of more awesome stuff like this.

1500129 WAR


(unless the people change)

Pretty much. :rainbowlaugh:

I'm still shocked no one is asking why the apple is so important.

But in reality, the whole thing of the story is don't simply neglect things because they seem petty, enjoy them while you can.

I hoped I expressed that with how he slowly changed his attitude as the situation got worse.

1499789 there are radiation resitant suits and actually there many ways to keep food on undeground bunkers and other underground areas(for example in the book metro 2033 the soviets took shelter on inside the metro stations and the growed mostly mushroom and pigs)


1500280 Well, since you pointed it out, dare I ask what the apple symbolizes? Personally, I think it represents [insert well-thought out idea here]


The Forbidden Fruit.

Not necessairly in the bibical sense, but I remember how it said how before it was eaten humainty was innocent and carefree. No knowledge of sin.
Kind of like our ponies here.

I think it's interesting to think that the ponies were the species that didn't eat the fruit.

I'm also surpirsed no one got the Fallout reference, I really need to clearify things in my writing.


1500509 I was pretty confident that it was a reference to innocence, but I wasn't to sure about it. As for the Fallout reference, don't think I missed it. I play way too much Fallout to miss that one

1500545 yeah, i cant see any fallout related stuff (apart from the nukes)

Thanks for all the positive reception, I may or may not return to this premise but for now I'll just leave it as complete.

As for if he survived or not, I'll leave that to whatever the reader wants to believe.

so damn close to the 2500 word count. it could have went on EQD.

Wow the is just.:fluttercry:Keep up the great work!:pinkiehappy:
[img]C:\Users\Richard\Pictures\in the feels\tumblr_m37p3jR1xu1qgzlpo.gif[/img]

is that any more ?

Humanity, where did you go into the ground.

This honestly reads almost like a grimdark MST3K, given the amount of time the narrator spends commenting on the show's events. The ending is very downbeat, but also very predictable, and not a lot actually happens. Well, except nuclear armageddon. So I can't really say I enjoyed this one, I'm afraid.

Holy shit that was deep

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