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Quid Pro Quo


Equestria has been hailed as a paradise of happiness and order. But not all ponies want to live simple, happy, dull lives. Some want freedom, some want power, others just have bad mid-life crises. One pony in particular however, goes too far... and all of Equestria will be shaken by it.

A Discord Origin Fic.

NOTICE:In this world Discord hasn't even been heard of yet. This is in modern day times and chronicles the origin of Discord.

Chapters (2)
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Comments ( 7 )

Anyone wanna proofread? Although I have the magical power of spell checker I would like a third party opinion on my stories...

1804823 Magical power of spellcheck?

Discord regrets NOTHING

Interesting :eeyup:


The magical power of Spell check.

Nice start to an interesting idea


Except maybe when he decided not to move when the Elements were about to encase him in stone for the second time...

Third time's the charm.

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