by Quid Pro Quo

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Not all ponies are content with the peace and love in Equestria. Some just want freedom from the mundane standard of living. One pony goes to far in this desire... A Discord Origin Fic.

Equestria has been hailed as a paradise of happiness and order. But not all ponies want to live simple, happy, dull lives. Some want freedom, some want power, others just have bad mid-life crises. One pony in particular however, goes too far... and all of Equestria will be shaken by it.

A Discord Origin Fic.

NOTICE:In this world Discord hasn't even been heard of yet. This is in modern day times and chronicles the origin of Discord.

A Spark

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By Quid Pro Quo

It felt so serene on the mountain top, the wind in your mane, the open view of the world, and the complete isolation from the stark normality of life. A nice natural spring had formed near the mountain. Adding a serene, moist air to the already beautiful atmosphere. Ink always blissfully remembered the relaxing spot.

Although in more recent weeks it felt more than just a small escape from managing the market stall. The feelings he had on top of that mountain were becoming more and more powerful, soon days became less about making a profit from the small business he owned in the Canterlot market, to coming here to this quiet moment of tranquility.

Ink Blot the Unicorn noticed his comings here were increasing in number greatly, to whenever he remembered about it to every week to every day.

Ink once spent a whole day up here. Just feeling the peacefulness of this place easing his mind, that was constantly assaulted daily by managing his produce business, and the inept apprentices that always found their way to his place of work looking for a job.

He never imagined his life to be so mundane.

Ink wasn't suicidal. He didn't hate his life. It just... disappointing.

He asked others what they did whenever they felt their lives were slowly just whizzing by them. All he got was accusations of how he was unappreciative of the benefits of his life. He should be a proud Equestrian citizen, thankful for their Princess Celestia.


He had come to resent the sun princess of their nation. Not directly hating the princess, but rather resenting what symbol she stood for. She was the deity every pony was expected to love, work for, and fear. For all crime was blotted out by Celestia. She was their savior, she should them peace and love. She worked us to death!

It boggled his mind at first. Was peace and prosperity making life seem much more dull and shallow? Did he need a war or some sort of conflict to drive him forward. He thought too however those things were are so much more thrilling when there’s some sort of force or person opposed to you.

So then that’s what he decided at first. He’d make an antagonist. A Nightmare Moon to Princess Celestia if you will. It started at first at simply pissing somepony else off.

He got customers every day at his shop, mostly random individuals who wanted a take at whatever produce he was selling at the market today. Simple trading and bartering was the backbone of the Solar Empire’s economy.

Solar Empire, and they say Celestia wasn't egotistical… she named the whole of her empire after the mark on her flank. Ink always thought whenever he heard the term.

He waited in his market stall for awhile. Checking out his customers and wondering who could be a potential adversary. A first he wanted another rival business pony, however he hated business. It was something his father forced him into. He need someone who he could fight and enjoy doing so.

So during one of his days of work, a noble pony walked up to his market stand.

It was none other than Sliver Charger, some noble’s son that thought he was Celestia’s gift to the world just because his daddy was rich.

He was perfect. Hotheaded enough to make some sort of fight over anything against his ego, powerful enough to be an interesting foe and more importantly, he really couldn't think of any other possible contenders. So it was more out of laziness than anything else.

Sliver of course made his way through the small line in front of Ink’s stand. Ink hid a small smile as he drew closer, Sliver’s behavior making it ever so obvious he was perfect for his role.

“Peasant, do you have any apples? “I want something spice out my extravagant diet.” Sliver spoke as he shooed away the remaining ponies from the line.

It was obvious he was trying to show off as Ink quickly noted, as why else a noble’s son would come here for food, or call ponies a "peasant".

“We have several bushels; I can offer you a bag for-"

“I do not barter in mere bags, Imbecile. I want the entire stock.” Sliver demanded.

This is just too good… Ink thought to himself.

“I’m afraid I can’t do that.” Ink said softly.

“Quit acting as though you have a choice heathen, consider yourself lucky I am even purchasing from your mule’s end of a shop.” Sliver snarled.

“Mule’s end? If anyone’s acted like an ass it was your pompous ass trotting through here like people care.”

He’d done it now.

“You filthy little milk drinker! My very name is already worth more than your whole existence!”

All Ink had to do was reel him in.

Using magic from his horn, Ink picked up one of the cabbages off his produce stand, and promptly threw it directly in Sliver Charger’s face.

Sliver looked at him for a moment. Pieces of cabbage still stuck in his mane.

“I’LL KILL YOU!” Sliver lived up to his name and charged into Ink’s store.

Ink Blot had kind of gone too far.

Ink’s arm still hurt from when Sliver’s hoof smashed down on it, breaking it in several places. The wound had long since healed but occasional trickles of pain aroused occasionally.

Ink considered it a wake up call for a while. He had been over thinking this whole midlife crisis ordeal and in return spent the night in jail for fighting.

Sliver Charger had long since moved on after his night in jail after their fight. Claiming he had better things to do than to kill a miserable peasant.

Ink Blot was quite disappointed in himself after that incident. The whole affair was a stupid idea, and he quickly retreated back to his quiet place of peace on the mountain top the night after he was freed from jail.

Yet a small simple thought still lingered inside Ink Blot’s head. While getting his flank handed to him by Sliver a small little spark emitted in Ink’s being.

He enjoyed the experience.

Something fun, new, and interesting had happened that day. Something people talked about, something that he greatly relished in. He didn't spend the whole night managing sales reports and preparing for another dull day. He spent in a jail cell, which was so against his squeaky clean record and mundane existence that he absolutely loved it.

And he wanted more…

After his night in jail. Ink Blot quietly returned to his small cottage. It was an unremarkable house for a seemingly unremarkable pony.

Ink’s special talent was writing. He loved writing about his thoughts and feelings and expressing his thoughts and ideas through paper.

It became his special talent when he was six years old. When his mother bought him a diary for his birthday. He was so thrilled and began writing almost instantaneously, making several short stories, comics and even an idea for a play.
And low and behold he gains his signature ink teardrop cutie mark, it was a grand day.

As much as he loved his writing, he was always torn away from it. Whether it be school, friends, or social events always took him away from what he loved doing most. It wasn't fair he remembered saying to his parents. He loved writing, why did they have to take it away?

Life moved on. He became older, responsibilities grew and suddenly freedoms he took for granted were now lost in time.
His writing slowly became less and less part of his life. Work became more important than everything and everything else seemed to not have a meaning because it didn't make Ink money.

Money was what his life was dictated by, and he had no control over it.

But the outburst with Sliver was like an escape, somehow. Ink still couldn't comprehend how exactly getting his flank beat by some snob was somehow enjoyable. But yet, he sat here on his bed thinking about how great it was to hit that jerk in the face.

But what was he doing?

Was it really worth nearly getting on the hit list of one of the most powerful ponies in Canterlot just for some thrill?

How selfish of you to think like that!

One of the naysayer’s voices piped up back in Ink’s mind. It really was selfish for the orange pony to suddenly decide that he was going to break all the rules just because he was bored.

Rules are there for a reason.

Another voice shooting down his new found ambition.

His entire life he lived by the rules. He didn't want to risk a stain on his record just so he could go skip school. Or try some weird mushrooms his friends found out in the Everfree forest.

Ink was right about to finish the mental debacle in his head when one final voice layers its opinion on the debate floor.

Are you happy?

Ink was about to say of course he was but something made him stop.

Was he happy?

He looked over to his desk, filled with finance reports and shipping orders that he needed to fill out to keep a business afloat that he didn't even enjoy.

He hadn't dated in a while. No mares were really into the workaholic, nerdy type.

Looking at his bed he saw familiar dent in the mattress where he slept every night. The all too familiar routine that he found himself getting stuck in over and over again, it was mind numbing how many days he thought he wasted.

“No, I’m not.” Ink flatly stated in the silence of his room.

Energy boiled up inside him, it was something new. A new desire for his life. Everything seemed fresh and new, something that been pent up for what seemed a millennia.

Then do something about it.

The energy that boiled inside him unleashed itself. It demanded that it be used.

Ink screamed in rage. A rage that apparently had been held back for a long while now. Something buried deep down under what he perceived as lies and falsehoods.

“I WANT TO BE HAPPY!” He cried.

Ink grabbed his desk in his magic and flung it across the room, leaving a nice dent in the receiving wall. Ink then immediately seized his chair up in magic and promptly bashed it against the already dented wall, then flung the wooden stool across the room. After sating his rage and destroying his room in the process, he sat down, panting and heaving over his emotional outburst.

It was settled then. Things were going to change. No longer was he going to be obeying every law under the sun. No longer was he just going to get by with some lame job at the market stalls. He will be free, because he wanted it. Not because somepony said he had to do it.

A poster of Celestia had fallen down in front of the exhausted pile of Ink Blot. Celestia was in a royal pose with bold bright letters underneath saying, Praise Celestia and Praise Equestria!

Anger suddenly took Ink Blot again. Celestia’s figure it seemed was taunting him. She was the epitome of order and organization, and the creator of the system that had enslaved Ink for years, and she dared show her face in front of him.
In another fit of anger, he grabbed Celestia’s poster and burned it to ashes.

He lay back on his floor in with a smirk of satisfaction on his face. He now had a mission, an antagonist.

Celestia just made a new enemy tonight.

The funny thing was that he didn't even hate the poor princess. It was probably more of the act of killing her than anything.

I'm going to kill a goddess...

The sheer insanity of that thought made it so much sweeter.

Sunny Days

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Chapter 2

Ink woke up in his shattered mess of a room.

The memories of the night before were still running through his mind, although the energy he previously had was long gone, the will to act was still there.

Ink slowly got back on his hooves. His mane was a mess along with his room. Surprisingly no one seemed to investigate all noise at his house last night so he slept undisturbed.

He walked over to his now cracked mirror, smiling at his messy features.

Ink was still unsure of what all last night meant. He said some things. A lot of crazy things. But yet he couldn't help but feel proud of himself. For once his normally bottled up emotions were finally released.

Sunshine gazed into the room, warm light coming through his surprisingly intact window. Especially considering he nearly hit it with his desk last night.

That would've been difficult to explain to the neighbors…

Ink yawned and decided it would be a good time for breakfast and casually trotted down the stairs, as though the room didn't look like a warzone.

He’d clean it later.

Now…. to begin...
I guess to start off; I should gather information about the Princess. I am after all fighting an elemental deity of the fucking sun…

With sound logic, Ink now had the foundation.

The Canterlot Royal Libraries were obviously not an option. They were far too close to the princess for his liking. He had heard rumors of Celestia’s powers, including reading minds or some other mythical nonsense, he didn't necessarily believe them, but as in his previous point, it was worth concern.

Canterlot had other libraries, but none were really extensive enough to hold information about the goddesses. Very little was known about the origin or early lives of the alicorns. Other than legends, Ink had very little to go off of.
But he remembered hearing about one particular library.

Ponyville was regarded by most of Canterlot to be a fine little vacation town if one wanted to get away from the rustle and bustle of the city. Rumors were also spreading that Ponyville surprisingly had quite an extensive library. Run by none other than Celestia’s faithful student, Twilight Sparkle.

If there was ever a better definition for irony…

For once, talking to my customers has finally payed off…

After a quick breakfast and fixing his mane and shaggy appearance he earned from last night’s adventure. Grabbing his traveling sack and getting together some money and other essentials for the trip, Ink made his way to his door. Today would be the beginning he decided. Today he would no longer spend his weekend preparing for the next workweek, no today he will plan and prepare. Finally he was taking control of his life.

Ink grabbed his favorite fedora, placed it atop his head and with a smile he trotted out his door.

The day was going to be his. Celestia’s days were numbered.

Ink passed through the bustling streets of Canterlot. Even though it was still early in the morning, many ponies had already begun visiting shops, greeting friends, social events, all the little events ponies were allowed to do before the work week begun again.

He picked up a train schedule from a tourist kiosk; thankfully a train to Ponyville was leaving right at 9:00am. It seemed fate itself was aiding him.

Ink however paid no mine; the orange unicorn was quite focused on his objective. Despite last night feeling like it was forever ago, the memories he felt were still ripe in his mind. He had already begun planning ahead of where to lay the foundation in his plans to kill the princess of the sun.

A sting of doubt sprung in the unicorn’s mind. Why Celestia? Why Murder? Why? Why? Why?
He didn't want to answer. He was afraid if he talked himself out of his plan he would go back to his old routine and be forever trapped in his life’s never-ending cycle.

It was out of fear, out of hate, out of desire. He couldn't just quit, he would see this through to the end.

Lost in his thoughts, he arrived at the train station sooner than planned… and collided face first with a pole.


“You alright there pal?”

Fortunately the only pony who took notice was the conductor pony who was quite concerned for a pony that just willingly walked into a pole.

“I’m fine, thank you.” Ink grunted as he pulled himself up.

“So, I take it you need a train eh? Well, navigation surely isn't you’re strong suit but luckily you’re not conducting the train.” The conductor snickered.

Ignoring the conductor’s remark, Ink asked for a ticket. “So how much for a ticket to Ponyville?”

“About 20 bits per ticket.”

Ink hastily pulled out 20 bits for the ticket and soon he was off to Ponyville.



This oddly fits the image in my head of Ink trotting happily through the streets while thinking of horrible ways to kill Celestia...


With a loud screech, the train halted at its destination. They had arrived in Ponyville.

Ink quickly got off the train. Annoyed he couldn't sleep because some mother couldn't shut their baby up during the whole ride.

Ink took a quick look at the clock; it was only 11:13pm. He had time to spare.

Ponyville, although not nearly as populated as Canterlot was thriving with activity as ponies dotted the streets. The air was clean and pure not filled with the stench cities always seemed to contain. The rolling hills of the countryside in the backdrop were complimented by the blue shadowy husks of mountains. The trees of the Everfree could be seen in the side.
Ponyville was wonderful. It was truly his favorite town in all of Equestria.

Happiness filled Ink. The thrill of visiting a new place combined with his new ambition delighted him. He was doing something, he was here, and he wasn't just another mindless worker.

This wasn't his first visit here. Considering he spent most of his childhood down here with his aunt.

Ink could reminisce later; he had a mission to do.

He took another look again at the lovely setting before him

It wouldn't hurt to go a little sightseeing…

Already seeing his favorite cafe of old, he quickly trotted off with a happy gait.

Ink happily trotted through the café. Since it was near lunchtime, the café was bustling with ponies, Smiles, conversation, and the natural sound of everyday life echoed through the market.

Ink felt he had never been so happy in his life.

He waved at ponies he never even met, Checked out some shops that interested him, asked random strangers how there day was. He was more outgoing today than he could remember.The birds sang, the wind blew, the filles played. It was beautiful Saturday morning.

A couple of clouds laid over horizon, but a streak of rainbow quickly came and snuffed them out, then quickly whizzed by the town. The streak revealed itself to be Rainbow Dash, Ponyville’s resident weather pony.

In her wake she left a beautiful rainbow across the horizon. Adding to the lovely day.

Ink trotted on, an ever so happy smile sat on his face.

The orange unicorn quickly made his way over to the market stalls, a particular stall grabbed his attention. A small flower shop ran by a gray stallion. Ink made his way over to the stall, with the owner giving him a wave and inviting him to the shop.
A small blue flower caught Ink’s attention. He picked it up and stared inquisitively.

“What’s this?” Ink asked.

“Oh just something I found in the Everfree.” The shopkeeper replied.

Ink stared at the flower. It was quite an exotic flower. The pedals were a shade of blue with trims of gold lining the edges.
“Well how much for it?” Ink stated cheerily.
“Um, well it’s kind of not for sale. This is pretty rare and I’m saving it for my marefriend.” The shopkeeper replied.

Ink pulled out a bag of coins from his sack, with quite a smug grin on his face.

“Are you sure about that?” Ink smirked.

The shopkeeper groaned. “Fine, you’re a fool anyway for wasting this much money over a flower.”

Ink greedily grabbed the flower and quickly trotted off, leaving the shopkeeper completely bewildered by his behavior.

As soon as he was out of the shopkeeper’s sight, he quickly gobbled down the flower.

“I get what I want…” Ink silently said to himself. This control he felt was immense, it filled his whole being with its savage lust. He loved it, even if it was a mere flower.

Now it was time to focus. He needed to research his opponent Ink decided. Celestia was a powerful goddess who controlled much of Equestria. Ink had more than a slight disadvantage. So he decided that maybe he needed to find out if she’s even killable first.

A familiar tree dome dotted his vile, Ponyville’s local library, run by the princess’s protégé herself.


Ink smiled a delightfully evil smile and trotted over to the library.

Ink opened the door to the library. The smell of pine and dust from books quickly filled his lungs. The tree was still very much alive. It’s a wonder how the owner hasn’t lost her house to termites yet. The entire house it seemed was literally carved out of the hollow tree, which greatly impressed Ink. Especially considering it was done by hoof.

The owner’s name was Twilight Sparkle. Also the resident sorcerer and local egghead, she shared some traits with
Ink.However Ink never really got to know her as he didn't pay much attention the lavender unicorn's adventures, too busy with his own business.

Ink noticed Twilight reading a book in a corner. She hadn’t noticed Ink come in yet, her eyes completely glued to the pages.

Here it was then, Time to find out how to kill a god.

Wait. What am I doing?

Ink stopped himself. He was so sure this was his mission but now in the first part he was starting to wimp out.
I’m using information from the princess’s own protégé to kill her own master…

The thought sickened him now. What was going on with him?

Although he didn't know Twilight, he knew she was an element of harmony, of course Celestia’s personal student, and saved the town from an Ursa Minor, so she was definitely magically inclined as well. If anything Ink respected her.

But also Celestia's student. She did nothing but follows the rules, and gladly lapped up any bullshit Celestia told her.

Anger bellowed in Ink. As if Celestia’s own name set him off.

“Um, Hello?”

Ink immediately jolted out of his thoughts. Twilight apparently had finished her book and was known wondering why some pony had been staring at her reading a book.

“Oh, Sorry!” “Just a lot on my mind right now. So are you open right now?” Ink stammered, slightly embarrassed.

“Why yes of course we are!” “Learning is open for everyone. So is there any specific book you want?”

Any questions Twilight had about Ink’s mental state were quickly erased at the prospect of sharing books, which she loved to do.

“Hmm…, I guess anything related to alicorns.” Ink spoke as he trotted over to the nearest bookshelf.

“Alicorns?” “Huh, you’re the first to really ask about that. I would ‘eve figured more ponies would have been interested.”

Twilight responded, following Ink to the bookshelf.

“I guess a lot of ponies are afraid of them…” Ink stated flatly.

“Why would they be?” Twilight walked over to her desk to find her catalog of the library.

“Well, I guess being all powerful like they are would intimidate most ponies. I mean imagine if they were evil? Scary thoughts…” Ink didn’t look back, too preoccupied in finding his book.

“I never really thought of it that way, I’ve known all my life and I could never imagine her being like that.”

Twilight was naive. Although she had been in many life threatening situations, she had never really experienced the world. She had grown up in a bubble somewhat, spending her childhood with the goddess herself more than actually being a child.
Ink was somewhat annoyed with Twilight’s admiration with Celestia. As he found too many ponies were the same for his liking.

If I could see her face when I finally bring down Celestia… a grin of grim satisfaction emerged on Ink’s lips.

“I’m glad someone actually took an interest in something unique for once.” Twilight said with a smile as she turned around.
“Most of the time ponies just want just want to know agriculture, gosh they just never think outside life out here.”

“I feel the same way in Canterlot. All they care about is fashion and all that nonsense, I prefer writing and books.” Ink stated only really halfway paying attention in the conversation.

“Canterlot! I haven’t been there in forever! Anything major changed?” Twilight asked with a new curiosity.

“They built a new bridge but that’s about it… Can you find the catalog I can’t really seem to find what I’m looking for?” Ink said, trying to get her attention focused on helping him.

“Oh of course!” Twilight brought up an old and rather large red catalog book. Carrying it with her magic, she trotted over to Ink.

Ink turned around and together they saw in big bold print, Tales of the Alicorns.

“It seems like a story.” Ink questioned.

“Well, there’s only one story we know about the alicorns. It’s a myth on how they were born, however this book analyzes it and sees if the myth isn’t just fiction
It’s a start. Ink thought.

“Looks promising, and considering the lack of options I’ll guess I’ll check it out.” Ink spoke.

“Glad to have helped!” Twilight said with a smile.

The smile caught Ink off guard. It was such a genuine smile. A smile that he rarely ever got, all for just simply being interested in a book and she looked so happy…

His thoughts returned to his quiet mountain top, where no pony but him knew the location of. The soft breeze brushing his fur, the complete isolation from everyday life where there were no worries. Except this time, Twilight was there with that beautiful smile…


“Thank you very much!” Ink responded as Twilight handed him the book.

“If there’s anything else you need I would be glad to help.” Twilight said as the two unicorns made their way for the library door.

“I hope I can see you again.” Ink complimented. At first it felt natural to say, but once he realized what he just said he suddenly felt awkward.

“Hopefully, you seem like the bookie type. There’s not a lot like you around here.” There were outside the tree house now, it was still mid-afternoon and sun shone brightly in Ponyville.

Ink was about to make his leave when Twilight stopped him. “I never caught your name.”

Ink hesitated. He wasn’t sure if he should just give his name to Twilight. She probably messaged the princess daily and he didn’t want the princess herself to know his name.

“Ink Blot” He said softly.

Way to go.

That damn smile….

“Well my name is Twilight Sparkle.”

“Oh yes I’ve heard of you. Celestia’s protégé and all…”

“Yeah, it’s weird having ponies you've never met know you.”

“Well I must be going.” Ink wanted to bolt out of there as fast as he could.

“Well it was nice to meet you, Ink Blot” Twilight spoke and Ink began to make his leave.

As soon as heard her door shut, he broke into a ran. He needed to read this book; it could contain the secrets of his enemy. Hormones could be dealt with later he decided. He was on the verge of something, something that could topple the Alicorn Princess.


Despair filled him.

The hotel’s mirror of course was cracked, what could you expect from some 3-Star motel in the middle of the countryside.
Why was he doing this?

Ink laid flat up against his bed. The room he had rented for the night was definitely not the mess he left at Canterlot but only barely.

None of this bothered him at the moment right now, as now he was lost.

It started right when he plopped the book down on his desk, he ready to read, learn about potential ways to end the princess when he just stopped.

He’d been doing this far too often. He HAD to do this. He had to break free, force his way out, Even if that meant bringing anarchy to do so.

Celestia had to die, for his life to have meaning.

Yet again it wasn’t even about Celestia; it was all about what she stood for…

Maybe he could free other ponies. Create a new Equestria where ponies could choose how they live their lives and not be subjugated to the madness of this supposedly orderly society. Where ponies worked, paid taxes, and died.

To the Royal government, he was just a small time produce seller and that’s all he was destined to be in their eyes.
Well fuck them, he decided. He would be free; they took his dreams away, his life and forced him into labor.

They don’t say they force you. But if you don’t follow HER rules they can take your house, business, and pretty much life away.

Ink was angry again. The old tinges of his new energy flowed through him once more, however something held him back.

“I can be happy, I can be in control, I can be free…” Ink spoke, letting the words resonate with his being.

He looked again at the cracked mirror, in his reflection he could see his face divided by the crack, leaving two parts of his face.

It was a peculiar sight but Ink payed no mind to it. Ink returned his focus to the book but found himself suddenly tired. He was unsure if he had even eaten.

Peeking out the window he noticed night had already fallen. It took a while to rent a hotel room and unpack his things but this long?

Maybe Celestia's changing the time on me.

I'm probably just paranoid.

He hoped he was anyway.

Ink slowly laid down, curling himself up in covers and letting the exhaustion from the day settle in.

Sleep overtook Ink, with dreams of his small retreat. The wind and view filling his mind as he felt his body slowly melt away into the arms of sleep.

A familiar lavender unicorn dotted his dreams, with a beautiful smile that made the view that much greater…