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Many would look at Equestria and see an idyllic paradise. Shaped by strong hooves and cunning leaders, this nation has truly risen from its depths. However, there are ups and downs for every civilization, including Equestria. This is the story of one of the many scars on Equestria's history, when the union of two powerful sisters was tainted forever. This is the Downfall of Princess Luna.

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This took a lot longer than I previously thought.

Well, this is Downfall which my first attempt at dramatic tragedy, so why not start with an epic battle between gods?

Any criticism is appreciated and I hope you guys enjoy it!

FUN FACT: I orginally wanted Nightmare to use the stars like ninja stars, but that made me laugh too hard imagining that so I cut it out.This is a tragedy after all.

Don't judge too harshly by the tags, this isn't like My Little Dashie sad or anything like that.

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