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I don't even English at all.


A human in Equestria plus
An easier and comfy life plus
Hearts and Hooves Day plus
A lot of mares that find hands sexy plus
A lot of HiE Clopfics around.

All that plus the fact, that not every human falls for pony girls.

Special thanks to yellowbastion who helped me to edit chapters 1 and 2 and like half of 3 so far

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Argh! Your... acceptable writing has me apprehensive about calling this fan-fiction out for such an obvious case of wish fulfillment.

Oh, but why the hell should I have a say in how you want to direct your own, personal fan-fiction, Dave? :rainbowkiss:

It's not my cup o' tea, but still, more power to ya. You'll see that usual clop crowd come rolling about here soon enough, my boy!

The writing could be a lot better, but it's acceptable. I kinda like how he's NOT going along with their wishes. I say: Good story, Good flow -- Not so good writing. Just spend some extra time on that and have someone proof-read it for you. I'll keep watching for new chapters of this. :)

I knew someone was going to call me dave :rainbowkiss:
actually Kyle didn't lend me his name :rainbowlaugh:
I was just tired of the nameless "you" character, i'm going to start my petition for a "nameless human character" besides the OC tag.
and yeah, im looking for a proofreader, i know i shouldn't relase without proper polish, but what can i say? it's fun!

aren't you interested in proofreading? are you natural english talker?


I'm not a native English speaker. I'm a bona fide Swede. Even so, I could probably proof-read it for you. Now is, however, REALLY not a good time. xD
I work as a VFX artist and we have several major projects coming up for Christmas. :P

However, if you're still writing after Christmas, I'd be more than happy to proof-read for you. ^^

1502139 you bag a shit.

Anyways I find this to be very funny, the fact that he didn't know Dash was a girl was great. Can't wait for more, so keep up the good work!

How could he possibly not know that Dash is a mare?

I'm sorry, he's either a complete idiot, or... Acutally, I can't think of anything else. He's just an idiot I guess.


Seriously, is this a parody of self-inserts or something?

Oh Lyra, why you so crazy. :rainbowlaugh:

:yay: Yay

Looks like I missed a couple errors while I was editing, but it's much better now

This is so funny I can't even handle it. :rainbowlaugh:

25 likes 25 Dislikes :rainbowderp:

better fix that!

Saying 'no' to a date? Interesting twist!

Wait what? Why he turn down a date with Pinkie I beat it would be a blast!!:pinkiehappy:

Ha he pretty much blue balled Lyra.:rainbowlaugh:

well, eat crumbs of her fur... didn't sound too appealing to Dave :rainbowwild:

Well that not so much. However I still think it would be an interesting evening.:pinkiesmile:

Considering how this story seems to be playing up the idea of "ponies that like this one human guy" for comedic effect rather than taking it seriously, I'd have to boldly claim that this is probably at least a little bit satirical in nature if not a downright lampoon of the archetype.

hah... finally, a fic where the human isn't into pony gurlz! not that there's all too many things wrong with that... but it's nice to see a fic where le human dosen't somehow get in bed with the ponies for a change! :D

hey author? Could you make Dave say something really really rude and offensive to any and all mares that "approach" him? because i want to read aboutthe expressions their faces when he does :D

:facehoof: i know how dave feels:pinkiesick:. i had that problem with women just two years ago:pinkiesick:. it sucked. im addicted to this story though:moustache:, so please continue soon:pinkiehappy:

When will this hilarious story continue?

hes actually starting to piss me off

probably. She never leaves home without her Party Cannon after all!

Your eggs feel somehow lonely without beacon,

Yeah, they just...lose their way, you know? It's depressing.

Actually, 'Dave' being short for 'David', isn't just made up. It originates from Hebrew, and like a good number of their names, it means something: Beloved.
Kind of fitting in this situation, I think, ha ha ha. :)

My own first name means 'polite'.

“Dave, I’m eager to have you. I’ll do ‘Anything’, I mean it. A-ny-thing you want”

Really? anything? Hop up and down on one leg and cluck like Scootaloo!
Dude, not to be mean, but you seriously need to consider not posting a chapter until it's been proof-read and edited first. This chapter vs the previous two read like they've been written by two different people.

You have skipped a lot of stops so far, run away for your life seems to always mess with your routine. But you never thought that you could be running away from Twilight who usually saves the town.

Damn coward!

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