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Mystic Sunrise

Why am I still in this fandom?


This story is a sequel to A Destined Meeting

Twilight Sparkle, under pressure from her teammates and principal, is on the verge of releasing all of the magic she collected during the Friendship Games before Sunset is able to step in.

Unfortunately, the magic must go somewhere, and if it can't have Twilight, then there's someone else that will work just as well.

Now Twilight is the only one who can stop what Sunset has become. But can she stand against someone drunk on magic, with powers she still doesn't understand? But her friends are with her, no matter if they still don't know each other all that well.

Cover art, and permission to use it, provided by this cool cat.

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This is a interesting alternate take. This is demon sunset Take 2.

( Now named Solar Eclipse. Nice imagination to come up with that. )

Here's another take on Solar Eclipse from a few years ago (artist: xebck)


Worse than the original actually. This time, Sunset's learned from her mistakes from the Fall Formal and is just going straight to vaporizing the girls, and anyone else in the way.

... Meh. I like the one I'm using better, to be honest.


That super crazy chaos demon?

"That, Applejack, is Equestria. The world on the other side of the portal," Cosmos growled, rubbing her forehead. "Just perfect. This is not what I needed today." She looked down at Twilight's pendant. before picking it up and handing it back to her. "But there is one way to save everyone."

Am I missing something?
Just who is this?

... Did you ignore chapter 1? Cosmos was there :facehoof:.

Wow, this is an interesting story that you have made, great job so far. Also like the image you made for Solar Eclipse. :twilightsmile:

Did this get renamed? I almost didn't recognize it.

Maybe I was just remembering things wrong. Never mind then.

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