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dirty little secret

I tried so far… and got so hard… but in the end, it didn't even matter at all. (Direct Support)

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Well she got her wish.

And also maybe a bit more than she bargained for! ^.^

"INSTANT READ!!!:pinkiehappy:

anatomically accurate lack of lizard boobs

Let's assume that the cover art has her sucking in her belly because she's insecure about that. Like that other fic which ends with the doctor realizing too late that his anesthetic is highly flammable.

Take that "fav" you whore!:moustache:

More dragon-booty for all of us!

Nice. Want more of this

When the flames cleared, the pony stood within a spherical magical shield, completely unscathed. Hm... powerful magic, this one. She did look pretty shaken up by it, though. Eyes wide, mouth tight, a panicked little tremble to her limbs and wings ... classic pony fear response. Feebly, she pointed to a stairwell to her left. “Up the stairs, down the hall, third door on the right.”

One cross only? :moustache:

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Me, trying to take all the faves I'm getting from this story:

Well, if my SubscribeStar supporters ask for it...

Despite being so huge, Twilight's castle is surprisingly simple to navigate, once you understand how it's laid out.

Ah, always so sexy and satisfying. Hot little tsundere dragoness.

Ember is best tsundere dragoness!

Hot as hell. More please.

Ugh! She should have made him wash it first...

There’s something comedically ironic about a dragon, that lives in a friggin’ cave, caring about hygiene imo lol.

So salty! And bitter! Ember yanked her head back, sticking out her tongue. Cum poured over her teeth and out of her mouth, but it was still all over her mouth – she could still taste it! And the slimy texture of it, ugh!

(Spoiler for too much information) How is that the only time in porn somebody mentions how disgusting cum tastes and smells?

In regards to the spoiler section: some people generally don't find it disgusting at all. Also diet, hydration, and some health factors can greatly affect how unpleasant it is. Nothing here to say a person can't *not* like it no matter what. Only that tastes (no pun intended) vary widely.

It’s not just the taste that’s bad tho, the musk makes me sick to my stomach, and honestly, smells worse than most cleaning chemicals I keep at home, and they also don’t smell good in the slightest.

Like I said different tastes. personally I've never found the taste or texture off-putting, the smell in the crotch area is always directly reflective of hygiene though. And that goes for women too, I've gone down on some women and come right back up with a 'nope' and with some men that only smelled like mild soap.

I mean the musk of semen, or whatever it is you want to call it.

anatomically accurate lack of lizard boobs

Finally, someone that recognises that reptiles shouldn't have boobs! lmao

Of all the things in my stories that have sparked arguments, I don't think I've ever seen one happen about the taste of cum before...

... Though I reserve the right to have lizard boobs in future fics, if it suits me. ^.^
Possibly even some snitties.

It's largely a running joke, that, mammals have breasts to feed their young milk, whereas reptiles, well, don't. No hate or anything, you do you and all that good stuff, I'll still give this a read

How did ember not know stuff like blowjobs and cungalingious? I figured since she was a dragon where they don't wear clothes they would do more sex acts

Just because they don't wear clothes doesn't mean they're going around doing BJs all the time.
After all, dragons are basically never interested in making others feel good.


>I’ll try, but only a little. And if it feels weird at all, I’m out

That's not even like dragon selfishness or anything, that's just a healthy attitude towards consent

anatomically accurate lack of lizard boobs

Dragon, DRAGON, not lizard, they dont do that tongue thing... <does the tasting the air thing>

Great, now I feel old because I understood that reference.

Nice! Mulan is a great movie :pinkiehappy:

Thanks! ^.^ What's your favorite part?

nice work, kind of hope for a sequel where Ember is wrong and griffons can interbreed, or at least spike become the exception due to Twilight's magic helping hatch him. Still fun story, love Gabby, but Ember will always be my favorite spike pairing.


love Gabby, but Ember will always be my favorite spike pairing.

Pretty sure he's stuck with both of 'em now! ^.^
Gabby's not going to let go because she likes him (and Ember) so much; Ember's not going to let him go because he has to stay and raise the dragon baby he put inside her.

And then they all lived together in the dragon lands, happily ever after. Of course, Spike still visits Ponyville from time to time.
Eventually, Ember's decade as Dragon Lord is over, a new Dragon Lord takes power, and all three of them move to Canterlot to live with Princess Twilight, who recently assumed full responsibility for ruling Equestria, where Spike resumes his role as her assistant, and the other two get into no end of shenanigans messing with the stuck up prudes of Canterlot nobility.

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