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So uh, what's the fetish? It'd be helpful to know since there's no way to tell from the cover art.

Ah, okay. I'm not into covered in mud. Also, when you say Tribalism, do you mean tribadism?

You did very well with this.

Well, considering I worked hard on it for over the past three months, that's gratifying to hear.:twilightsmile:

Well written piece.

nice work:twilightsmile:

Yep I need a cold shower

Too bad I didn't get this published around the summer like I wanted, then people really would've been perspiring!:rainbowlaugh:

i wouldn't say no to reading a nsfw story with Lemon zest and vinyl scratch lol

Sorry. Not into that pairing.

the best story I've read so far 😍😍😍, I wish you could make a story this beautiful with Sunny x Hitch from G5:twilightsheepish:

Unfortunately, I don't watch G5, so I don't know what the characters are like.

That was a good story.

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