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Sometimes I write stories.


One winter in Ponyville, Pinkie Pie is forced to move out of Sugercube Corner when an infestation of sugar mites in her room gets to be too troublesome. Luckily for Pinkie, Fluttershy has space in her home and doesn't mind having a friend over in a time of need!

But having Pinkie around so often leads Fluttershy to discover feelings she didn't even know she had. Is there more to these random bouts of flushed cheeks? And if so, what will Pinkie do when she finds out?

That is, if Fluttershy tells her.

UPDATED AS SOON AS I CAN PRODUCE A NEW CHAPTER! (busy life now, I am sorry to those following this... please leave a like and a comment if you're looking for quicker updates! If the demand is there, I can focus on this project more!)

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I haven't read this yet but I'll be shocked if Pinkie somehow doesn't already know.

Just realized I had the story marked as complete! It's actually going to be a few chapters long.

Give the first chapter a read and let me know what you think :)

I think it's a good start.

it DID seem incomplete. glad to see that was because it WAS.

I'm glad you commented because I might not have noticed if you didn't!

You probably would've when you posted the next chapter.

Lol yeah but that will probably be a week from now!

I really liked how this started, you already have one more reader. xd

Awesome! Good to hear! Hope to have chapter 2 out in a few days, just been super busy.

¿Day three?

Yeah the story is not going day by day.

Next chapter is day eight.

I figured the relationship would progress more believably if it happened over a longer period of time :)

So, if the fic is going to end on the chapter 8, that means that the next chapter is the end?

No, each chapter is a different day. The next one will be the eighth day since Pinkie arrived at the cottage. After that the next chapter is a different day. You understand?

Oh! you're saying the days will be in disarray, is that right?

This tea is special... Very very SPECIAL... Next day, they will forget this confession, right?

Yeah, umm, sort of like when you watch a TV show, it's not like every new episode is the next day. It's usually just another day sometime in the future. Same thing here, only the chapter title is what day it is since Pinkie arrived.

I suppose you will have to wait and tea.

I mean wait and see :rainbowlaugh:

Ok, I think I got it. xd

It's starting to get good! :raritystarry:

I look forward to these updates so much!!!!!!! Loving it so so so much!!!!!!!! Especially now fluttershy has to handle these feelings infront of her friends!!!!! 10/10 love it love it love it!!’ thank you

Really glad to hear! That warms my heart :)

Thank you!

This is really good, I like it much.

She looked up and smiled at Pinkie, cheeks rosy and eyes twinkling. Pinkie was lost for words for a moment. The streetlamp above the two mares bathed Fluttershy in the perfect wave of light. Pinkie had never seen Fluttershy’s cyan irises sparkle like that before.

This is a jarring POV shift. I think it's supposed to be Fluttershy who's lost for words.

Great chapter, aside from that.

No it's supposed to be Pinkie. I get what you mean though.

I'm going to take a look at editing that part to make it more clear. Thanks for the heads up.

Will there be no update? :(

Ahhhh sorry mate! It's coming soon! Like, an hour or so!

The further that advance, the more I despair.

Rarity know everything, Fluttershy...

I’ve been loving this story for a while, and now things are heating up! :pinkiegasp:

Thanks for the support as always :scootangel:

I hope you enjoy the story as it continues to progress!

once again, LOVE IT!!!

Awwww, it's adorable! I love this story!

Thank you :) I will try to get out a new chapter soon!

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