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Roughclaw was the last hippogriff anyone thought about when it came to romance. But in truth, he was consumed by the idea of courting the one he loves.

The problem was that a simple, grizzled stone mason and chiseler like him had nothing to offer that well-off, handsome hippogriffs couldn't provide. That was until Roughclaw read about the ancient jewelberry.

This is my story that earned a top 10 spot in the Iron Author speed-writing challenge of Ponyfest 3.0, hosted by Xepher. This version is heavily edited but maintains the same basic premise.

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Strikeout has been convicted of murder and faces the death penalty, Equestria’s rarest of punishments. In his last hours, he looks back at his life.

Cover art by Bean (did not wish to share any profiles).

Pre-readers include: Sledge115, Jinzou, and another individual who wishes to remain anonymous. Thank you all for your help!

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Rainbow Dash is arguably the fastest pegasus in Ponyville, maybe even Equestria. But does that make her the best flyer in all the land?

When Maelstrom, founder of the Equestria Flyers League, comes to Ponyville to initiate his "challenge" — three days of intense races over the skies of Canterlot — Rainbow Dash is giddy to strut her stuff. But the competition is stiff, and it will take more than speed to win the day.

Meanwhile, Rarity and Applejack get embroiled in a contest of their own, Fluttershy runs into an old stallion friend, and Pinkie Pie's running around investigating the reason for her "twitchier than usual" tail. But where in the world is Princess Twilight Sparkle, and what could it possibly have to do with Maelstrom's races?

The Mane 6 begin the first of six life-changing adventures in... The Storm's Challenge!

Updated at least twice every week on Thursdays and Sundays! Additional updates may drop on any other day.

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