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i like the first chapter :pinkiecrazy: i hope there was going to be more chapters to this story but then i see it is On Hiatus i hope this story get off of Hiatus so you can make more chapters for this story

Let me guess.... you're NOT gonna kill Scootaloo:twilightsmile:.... right?:pinkiesad2::pinkiesad2::applecry:

Oops! This story just got launched today and i added the hiatus status mostly for my fans with increased access to my work. I changed it to incomplete, so blast away your comments and suggestions if you have any.

I dont plan anything. It is up to the readers' demand what might happen and what might not. If a majority of my readers want scootaloo to live, I will leave her be or maybe even make her a useful part in the story. If they want her to die, I can think of a creative way to end her.

3666361 Your story dude do as you wish.:pinkiesmile: (though I would prefer if Scoots lived)

3666361 ok and i don't have any ideas sorry but please keep on making chapters for this story though i don't have any ideas

I already am writing a very big, very well thought through book series.
With this one, I want to challange my creativity more.
Also, read the following, too.

I sure will. I have a few more ideas people have given me so far, which I will turn into chapters.
But the only way to keep this story going is by giving me ideas.
This story is heavily based on the reader's demand. No demand, no ideas, no chapters.
I am also not sure how good I truly am at black humor, so I dont want to waste my energy by draging something out no one appreciates.
We will see how well it turns out.

Pretty good so far, keep it up the king of the hill's crown!

Well, since I procastrinated and managed to have my idea telephatically (how the fuck do you spell that I don't even) stolen by invisible hob goblins only to be brought to your minds,


P.S:OOOOH THIS IS SLIGHTLYSOME INTERACTIVE! You sir, won the awesome medal.

Let meeee seee. Ooookay, I can start with a bunch of painfull stuffs.
1:)Needles! Aaaah, yes. Good old needles. Who doesn't love them? You can poke stuff with them, and! And! No, that's it, really. But you should try pokes in different places! Okay, so take a guess, if you were to drive needles through someone where would be the ABSOLUTELY MOST EXCRUAGGUTILIATIGIZIZING place to do so? Eyeballs? Nope. Balls? Nope. Keep guessing.

The fingers, silly! If you were to have some 5 inch something needles and you put those straight through someones fingers, the amount of nerve endings would just be too much and the brain goes all:derp, I better shut down to prevent this pain and DSOINFWLKJCLKDJCSO
Note:at the "DSOINFWLKJCLKDJCSO" part, you overcharge them with some electricity to keep them awake. Yes, this works on groups if you use waters or metal conductors!
Tip: Use duct tape.

Buuuuut since you aren't using anthro ponies or humans I guess that won't really be a possibillity. Espescially since hooves don't really have lots of nerve endings.

2:)If I were just to place these four blocks right in my pocket and... Aha! A workbench!

This might not be the most obvious thing ever, but your workbench matters. Look at it this way, throughout history, multiple intresting variants have been made! Think of the cross, the iron maiden, straight up spikes to sit on with some rocks on your feet...

I found an intresting varrietty to be the bendable one. You know how much pain it causes someone to snap their spine? Lots of. Just make the same kind of plain wooden torture bench as normal, or even a dentists chair, and reverse the hinges. Or thingies. Whatevers. Now just make sure you have some oeverage, wind up, and CA-CRACK!
Note: Now, remember that they may go numb beneath the CA-CRACK! when you do this, so try to make sure you had everything UNDER the CA-CRACK before you do this. Although fanthom pains kinda sort of still are an intresting option, just not reliable.
Tip:Make multiple hinges for multiple distanced CA-CRACKS! At the same time.

3:)Removing the skeleton:This one is very tricky indeed, and whenever the patient is squirming it doesn't really help. My house pet Goerge is the only living specie which I managed to remove the whole skeleton from. He is VERY handicapped, and sensitive about it. Also, he is like jelly, lol. Or to qoute a certain man:"AND WHEN ZHE PATIENT WOKE UP, HIS ZKELETEON WHASZ MISSING, AND THE DOCTOR WAS NEVER HEARD FROM AGAIN! HAHAHAHA, zhat's how I lost my medical license." Not like I ever had one.

Proper steps to removing a skeleton:
1:feet and hands: ponies don't have these, but it's more or less slice, clamp bleeders, work around, cut muscle from bones, go wild with the extractor.
2:legs and arms: athis is the fun part, you don't need these to be alive, like, at all. Although they are kind of usefull, still
Take scalpel and slice open on the softer insides (more nerve endings.)
Go wild with the hatchet and chop sum muscle from bone.
RIP EM OUT WITH YOUR BARE HANDS for unnesescary drama.
Proceed to stitch or chop of limbs. A torso with head is kinda fun and helpless. Oh, also, all the good meat is in the arms and legs. Y'know, for the cup cakes.
3:ribcage: pretty easy really, just slice open the chest, pull away skin flaps and saw the connecting bone thingy, then saw at the base of the spine, remove. Stitch.
Tip:Be carefull not the hit the lungs, those things like to pop during this part.
4:stupdid hip joint: unnesescary completely. Remove however you seem pleased, shatter, shoot, snap, stab, stomp, or jank this thing out of it's place however you seem fit, because damage around here is only long term lethal.. Stitch.
5:shoulder blades:surprisingly, these might pop the lungs when used as lever. Just cut these from surrounding flesh, they aren't attached to anything major anyway.
Fun fact: in a vikings ritual, they said that men got sacrificed as blood eagles. They would rip open the shoulder blades and extract the lungs so they woul look like wings, but this is all totally not survivable since the lungs pop outside the body. You can still make pretty wings, though!
6&7 are trade secrets.
I am not familiar with horns or wings
Furthermore, rapidly freezing someone and then boiling them can have fun* results

Need anything else? Just pm me!


I don't think dark humor is my thing, but I watch a bit on how this progresses in the meantime. Can't let 1 chapter decide the rest of the story. :pinkiesmile:

For ideas:
- I think I mentioned before about having Twilight's books attack her, but it would be a reference from Harry Potter.
- What about Rarity um~ skinning ponies for fashioning clothes or maybe covering her coat in her victims. But, I probably got the idea from 101 Dalmatians. That "bondage" could be another trap. Maybe, she wants too hide her real age with that method. :pinkiecrazy:

Not sure if those ideas are dark humor, but I hope they help. :pinkiesmile:

Let me just start by saying: I see what your trying to do, and it's a fun idea. I just have one warning for you that can be summed up in a 8 word title: Sweeney Todd the Demon Barber of Fleet Street. :rainbowderp:

Also, considering how you want it to be interactive, might I suggest not writing this as a fanfic but instead say... an ask-tumblr blog? I have yet to see such a crossover of idea as an ask-blog, plus you've already made correlations to Ask Lil Miss Rarity in the introduction. Hell, I'd probably follow it :twilightsheepish:

That would require of me to be capable of drawing, which i cant at all.
The only graphic related thing im good at is photoshopping.
I had ideas for grimdark ask-blogs myself, but in order for that to succeed, i would have to put a lot of effort and time in it, along with possibly hiring a relyable artist.
Im really way more into writing than drawing.

Scootaloo helps Rainbow and Pinkie. :rainbowdetermined2:&:pinkiehappy:&:scootangel: killing ponies to make rainbows and cupcakes would be amazing.

PERFECT! I say we have.... a changeling stroll through town.

Im still not sure about my humor.
Was it funny at all?

Now im relieved. So this does work out after all. Good to know.

Didn't like those 2 anyway. :ajsmug:

I imagined it would had sucked a crowd before it broke.

Pinkie is smarter than that :pinkiecrazy:

3706283 Drinking blood... That can actually be quite lethal.

>magical land of talking ponies
As I mentioned in the beginning of the first chapter, do not take this fanfic serious.

3707107 Actually, I thought to mself whilst posting "it's the land of whymsical magical ponies. I should most likely just ignore it because there blood is like a higher grade of tomato juice"
Our telekenesis man, our telekenesis

Absolutely awesome story, great puns, hilarious jokes. This story is underrated.

Anyhow. It would be just delightful to see more chapters of this story.

This story just started a while ago and is heavily relying on the suggestions of the reader.
I still have material for one or two chapters. But if you would like this story to go on, I will need requests.

3720908 oh ok. But what ever happends, spare cheerilee.
Ice ponies, ICE PONIES!!! Yes the ice ponies will be used along with normal ponies to make ice cream :D

I never even heard of something like ice ponies before, but idea is idea.

oh flutttershy is now helping them :pinkiecrazy: and i love it :pinkiehappy:

MOAR!!!!!!! I DEMAND IT!!!!!:flutterrage: :pinkiecrazy: :rainbowlaugh:

Kill the bastards that tried to send Scootaloo into the Rainbow Factory and have Rainbow go ballistic on them.

I say kill my Bat Pony OC next. Blackwing deserves to be reduced to a bloody heap. Decapitation plz

*** Royal Canterlot Voice ***: SWEET CELESTIA!!! :pinkiegasp: :pinkiegasp: :pinkiegasp:

I admit, Fluttershy playing Mafia. Did not see that coming. :rainbowlaugh:

Poor Chrissy though. *** hugs Chrysalis *** Even I would probably go insane in a shed full of neatly-organized slaughtered critters. It was creepy and funny at the same time. :raritycry: :rainbowlaugh:

This had to be you best chapter of Cupcake Factory so far, Nero. :pinkiesmile:

Sure thing! But I need material to work with.
Please give me a suggestion or inspiration to base another chapter on, or I wont have anything to work with.

What do you mean by: Go ballistics on them?

I require more information about your OC to display it properly in the story.

3735163 Go nuts. They tried to kill her little sister? MAKE! THEM! SUFFER!!!!!

3735163 One of Luna's nightguard so he's grey with a black and purple mane and tail. After a bad run-in with some gangsters left him too wounded to stay in the guard, he turned to a life of crime. His life of crime brought him to Ponyville, where he made the mistake of breaking into Rainbow's house. Do you need more info or is this enough?

That would be enough, but you are free to share with me whatever you think is mandatory for the correct displayal in the story.

what if a group of royal gards were to find the factory, or if pinkie came with rainbow to the rainbow factory to see how it works.
I love the story althow I was scared to read it, I think it is a great consept so keep up the awesome work :-)

Ooh... Watch out everypony, Murdershy on the loose :pinkiecrazy:
Very awesome, maybe something with de he CMC next (liiike Sweetie as assistant or so?)?

Poor Chrysalis. Talk about getting the short end of the straw.
Now Fluttershy has joined the Cupcake Factory, oh boy, this'll be interesting. :rainbowlaugh:
:flutterrage: - "Stay outta mah shed!"

Loving this story! :pinkiecrazy:
How about maybe a short camping trip where everything goes wrong (like maybe some characters get chased by a bear at one point)?

I must say I have no ideas for you to incorporate into this story.

That said I simply must get this off my chest.

Rarity and bondage...


Hmm...just reading this again trying to come up with some ideas. Hmm...how about kidnap (or ponynap which ever) Prince Blueblood and have Dashie, Pinkie, and Fluttershy vent all their frustration and so forth on the arrogant unicorn. Hell you could even include Rarity somehow. Oh and make Scootaloo an assistant like in the Pinkamena Diane Pie tumblr blog. Heh Scootaloo the Sadist.

On a completely unrelated note......do I forsee a Rainbow Dash x Pinkie Pie shipping in the near future? Yes, I think I do.

The main reason theres no new chapter yet is mostly due to me not having the time to finish it. But I will get to it soon.

On the possible ship, i added the romance tag optionally. This or any other ship could be established if that is what you guys want to see, or i can leave it out and remove the tag.
So far, you are the first to mention an interest in a shipping.

Now Scootaloo have joined them :pinkiecrazy: and who else is going to join them

Cutie Mark Crusaders Drug Dealers! Yay!” all three cheered.

haha omg that was so damn funny :rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:

Somehow, the slaughters that Pinkie were listening to made me laugh. :rainbowlaugh:

After reading that, it kinda give me an idea: What if a pony in the factory escapes and goes berserk on the employees. Avenging the victims of his/her innocent family that were killed in the same room together. :pinkiesmile:

This story is brilliant, pure, unbridalded brilliant. :pinkiehappy::pinkiecrazy:

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