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Fluttershy, I didn't know who else to turn to. I was a fool, I sacrificed so much only to undo the flock with a single rash act. You have to warn the other pegasi cities what is coming. You must rebuild the Rainbow Factory before it is too late.

An entry for the Rainbow Factory Contest, 2021.
In the style of Lovecraft.
editor: ReFro

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Thank you for your entry! We look forward to reading it, and best of luck.

Thanks, and thank you for running a contest. :twilightblush:

To think, something that ancient has been feeding from their sacrifices. Almost as if the whole reason the factory was made was to appease said being.

Then again, perhaps this is a fitting punishment. Who knows. Deliciously dark.

This, is a really cool take oh the rainbow factory, and that there was no happy ending, only an open space where an ending would be. Love it

"A fitting end to this utterly atrocious meme and this version of Equestria. Those whom built the Rainbow Factory and sacrificed all those innocents unto the monstrous Pegasus Device can rot forever in the blackest pit. High Templar David to all hands: Universe #502815 is clear; I repeat: universe #502815 is clear. We move on!"

If only they'd left a note, quite the oversight to not mention how important that tourist trap was. :trollestia:

I love cosmic horror because you can leave things so open ended, there's this chance to think big and write small. Who knows what will happen? Though the thought of Fluttershy, of all ponies, having to kill ponies to rebuild the factory and save Equestria is quite intriguing...

Don't call off the exterminatus too soon... There's still a wild elder god on the loose.

Cosmic horror is the best horro when done right, in my opinion :)

PPEF1 #8 · Oct 7th, 2021 · · 2 ·

"I had made sure every pegasus that moved to Ponyville knew that Fluttershy was a failure, an outcast, and yet here I was now to beg her aid."
I'm pretty sure it's every pegasi

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