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The Young Six are a blessing to this very earth


Rainbow Dash a racer from the small rural town of Ponyville moves to Dockview for the racing challenge of her life time. She's going to be the very best racer the world has ever seen and become the most wanted.
On the other hoof
Applejack and her family just moved to Dockview after their crop burned down do to some racer stunt. Angry the whole family join the DVSPD (Dockview Speeder Police Department) to stop all the racers who ruin other people's lives.

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Chapters (3)
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Comments ( 26 )

Not sur why but I always get a kick out of " my faithful officer Twilight Sparkle"

Darn you...Now I need to go play NFS:HP (2010). :facehoof:

hummm interesting some mistakes that you'll catch if you read it again but something ill look over.

lol nicely played and just a hint before you publish read over your story to pick out the mistakes works better out loud it"ll help with the mistakes.

lol still strong but you rushed your self in writing this. The story wasn't rushed but by th looks of it you were in a rush so ya take it easy and just let it flow ok.

Well as far as rushing goes you can see the 4th chapter is taking it's sweet ass time. No that I think of it, the chapter was sort of rushed. I hated writing the city race. Need for speed 2010 doesn't have any city races so I had nothing to base the track on. That proved annoyingly difficult. So after chapter 4 I'll probably try to find some excuse to never write a city race again. Other that or base all city races on Midnight club Who'll notice?

As for spelling and grammar errors. I get these things checked over by at least two ponies every time. No one ever sees everything.

Seriously sweet story so far dude.And,please,keep the city races.Street racing is not without city races.I suggest you watch Fast and Furious or play as much NFS series to get inspiration and let invent your own.Also...try to have your own originality.Don't let those rides stay stock.Mod 'em a 'lil and give 'em personality.I'll be following this fanfic so I'll be around if you need any opinions or anything.I'M GETTING ALL PINKIE PIE AS I WAIT FOR THE NEXT CHAPTER.Yeah I'm a brony car enthusiast.Thanks for writing this awesome fanfic!

Then you my bit a bit disopointed at my incredibly limited knowledge of cars. The reason I choose hot pursuit is mostly because there is absolutely no car modification. I just know games. I'll probably pick up a car guy to help me later though (I've been focusing more on the Fetch Quest which has become my main project)

Aw... I guess that's sad...well,I AM a car guy,a hardcore one to be more exact. If you need help with this story,you know I'll show up!

Awesome read! Interesting take on how none of the mane 6 seemed to know each other, and Lyra loves nicknames...
Also I always wondered what happened to the racers when they fell off a cliff:rainbowlaugh:

i have to say that this is awesome need more and i have a feeling that rainbow dash will be most wanted and applejack will become ultimate enforcer ending in the applejack going after rainbow dash in a bugatti 16.4's which would be very very very awesome

p.s im a game nut and i know mostly everthing about nfs hp so yer keep going this is way to awesome

this was pretty cool, I don't understand why you didn't continue doing this :pinkiegasp:

I have the same but with the story of NFS: THE RUN.
why the run? becuase for me that game sucks in the story mode and with a fic I think give my opinion of how I would have liked to see that story.

with this you inspired me :rainbowkiss:

Oh I'm just being lazy. I'm just a tiny bit from finishing the next chapter of fetch quest and then continuing this, but I'm lazy.

248567 I know what it feels, For me write a fic is so Hard because English is not my first language, so if I want to make a fic I have to:
first write it in Spanish then translate it and then send it to a another guys that is helping me with the editions... so yes I'm lazy too LOL

oh and gaert story, hope to read some more

Funny thing is i was holding my hotwheels boxster spyder just as i read about her first car haha XD


It's DSPD!!! Never played NFS Hot Pursuit?! There is SCPD!!! Here is DSPD!!!

You SERIOUSLY need a trailer!!! Imma making one of this story, and mine too! We like the same things! NFS MLP!

Hey dude, you going to finish this? I'm just really curious.

It wasn't just a coincidence, that's just what the government wants you to think... :unsuresweetie:

Poor, poor Spikey Wikey. :raritywink:

“Au revior pegasus.” Rarity said before driving off into the night.

It's "Au revoir."
Parlez-vous francais Monsieur VariableRadius? :duck:

Why is this story cancelled ?

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