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Writing is a lot like life. It depresses the hell out of me, but I still want to go on with it for some weird reason.


Tune in at the top of the hour to Ponyville's own local news station, giving you all the hot and interesting topics the town has to offer! Hosted by DJ-Pon3, keep yourself connected with the community around you, and listen to the residents talk about their experiences in this wonderful town.

Long Live Equestria.

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WTF sums all of this up. Not sure if it's for the better though. Cults tend to do that. And another random griffon war.

Seriously. There's a trillion stories that have that (not literally that many. But still). Story focus or not.

Feels like you where trying to go for a Welcome to Night Vale vibe and kind of missed the mark.

What's the horror tag for?

I mean, I guess it’s not in the traditional sense of horror, but I’m trying to make the whole thing eerie and seem off. Not sure if it worked or not, but that was the intention.

I’m so confused on a lot of things.

Well, is there anything specific you’d like me to clear up? Veering away from spoilers, of course.

Well, what season does this take place in?

It takes place at the beginning of season 1

Ok, another question I have is where did applejack get all those bits from?

Alright, so in a time of war, food became scarce in small towns like Ponyville. So farmers like Applejack became nearly the sole contributors of food, and is also considered a town hero.

Ok, another question I have is about that language that was spoken.

Alright, so that was Latin, and you could easily put it in Google Translate. But to save you time, I’ll put the phrase here: The disciples work in piety secretly in the night

Who were they whispering to?

Oh, DJ-Pon3 was just muttering to herself, Twilight just happened to hear it.

Is it something important?

Yeah, I think it is. It basically hints that there is something much darker going on in the town.

Oh ok. Thanks for answering the questions.

“Oh, and I’d like to talk about Twilight for a little bit. We’ve got some letters asking about the interview we did with her, and how there seemed to be something off about everything. Heh, well let me tell you, there was nothing wrong with that interview. The whole castle thing? Just a silly rumor, that’s all. We were just so shocked she heard of it, or that somepony told her it, we couldn’t say anything! So no need to investigate any further. Because there’s nothing wrong there. Nothing.

Real smooth.

“The Carsoul Boutique has declared bankruptcy and is shutting down. The once popular store has struggled to stay open for years now, and it has finally reached its limit. The close now brings Ponyville to zero fine clothing stores. That’s bringing a lot of pressure to the Boutiques owner Rarity, who’s still getting orders for Summer Sun Celebration dresses and suits. Looks like you’re going to need to go order out of town if you want to look nice for the Celebration. Now me, personally, I look good in anything, so I’m not worried.

If she’s still getting orders, then why did she go out of business?

“We also got some more news on the Berry Punch case. It turns out that the victim was a pony by the name of Ruby Red, and the witnesses were her friends. Turns out that they were the ones who instigated the fight, and Berry Punch was just defending herself. Proven not guilty, Berry Punch will be released and the witnesses and Ruby Red will receive lashings as punishment. Guess there’s a happy ending here! So moral of the story: Don’t lie. It's as simple as that.

Lashings? That’s a thing?

“Alright, so just one final piece of news for today. There’s been a pony that has been spotted in Ponyville trying to help others prepare for the celebration. You know, the one with those eyes? Anyway, she has been kicked back out of town every time, but now she’s getting threatened with lashings upon further return. So please make sure she doesn’t get in again, huh? She doesn’t know any better. She’s, uh… what’s the word... a-ha! A retard, that’s right! So please keep the retard away from the celebration. It’s for her own good.

Are they falling for this?

For the Rarity part, I probably should have explained it better. Most of the orders are coming after she closed down. She was getting orders before, but now they’re skyrocketing as ponies realize they can’t get any new dresses. Ponies don’t realize they need something until it’s gone. Plus, the Boutique was failing for a couple of years. It wouldn’t be in the best of shape. So unfortunately, it was only a matter of time.

I’ll go back in and edit that part to try to make a little more sense.

“Well, thanks for coming here Princess. So, to all you listeners, I hoped you enjoyed this interview, because I know I certainly did! So go out there and stay up late to celebrate the one thousandth year since the vanquishment of Luna. Now we return to music with Down By The River by-“

That’s a whoopsie

“I’m appalled that you would think I would consider anything a ‘personal victory.’ Everything I do I do for the benefit of Equestria and for the world, not for some personal validation. Nightmare Moon was a threat to Equestria, so I had to do what had to be done. I was not aware I would be attacked for my past actions when I agreed to this interview. What you are doing is strictly unprofessional. I coul-“

Celestia needs to chill.

“Oh, I must say the close community this town has. You don’t find many collective communities in the big cities like Manehattan, and Cloudsdale and all of those Pegasus cities focus so much on military fighting. But here, it’s so peaceful, like a nice fire during a snowstorm. This town is filled with passionate ponies dedicated to growing the town they love. From such humble origins, it’s been a pleasure to watch this town grow from the ground up. It broke my heart to see this town struggle so during the last couple of years, but I can promise you that after we win, Ponyville and all those other farming communities will be the first towns we help. So don’t worry Ponyvillians. You’re Princess hasn’t forgotten you.”

Why would farming communities need help?

“Why don’t you forgive me? I’ve done so much for you. Please, it was just an accident. I did not know it’s power. After all I’ve done for you… I am sorry! You must believe me! … but you still don’t? It was an accident, I did not know it’s power.”

Is she ok?


What the hell is going on?


What did she just say?

Is it me or is ponyville really going down hill?

This is a pretty unique story with how it is based, kinda like how Negotiations was unique. This is unique in the way that it is centred around a radio broadcast rather than the actual events happening.

Also plenty of mysterious and dark undertones in this which has been a joy to read as most stories abandon such things completely or make it so vague you have to reread it several times, thankfully however this story has hit the golden spot for me which is right in the middle of these two.

Either way this is a good story so keep up the good work.

SMILE? What’s that?

“The filly Scootaloo still has not been found. Please look for her. She must be returned to her family. It is imperative. If you find this filly, report to Ponyville police immediately. If you withhold any information regarding this filly and her location, there will be serious consequences. It’s important to make sure she does not leave this town. Find this filly. It is of the upmost importance. Thank you for your compliance.”

I’m making sure I hide as much information as possible.

“The Golden Oaks Library has finally been repaired! ...oh, sorry. Only the first floor has been completed. So now Twilight Sparkle, our Town Inspector, will be moving in. She’s already talked to the mayor about this, and she’s agreed to live there for the rest of her stay as long as she would take over as Librarian since our old librarian did… well, what he did. So go on down to the library if you’d like to check out a book.

What did the old librarian do?

“Our final story is about S.M.I.L.E. Many Ponyvillians are confused and even angry about the S.M.I.L.E agents that have recently taken shop in our fair town. We here at Ponyville Local Radio understand the anger. S.M.I.L.E doesn’t exactly have the best reputation in Equestria, but they are just here to help. They are part of the government, and the government always looks out for us. So even if you don’t exactly agree with their practices, or don’t believe there’s even any reason why they should be here in the first place, just please try to calm down. It’s only for a few weeks, so try not to anger them in that timespan. It’s for the good of everypony. Please.

Why don’t they have a good reputation?

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