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Writing is a lot like life. It depresses the hell out of me, but I still go on with it for some weird reason.



Sweet Pepper drunkenly rambles about Daring Do. Mostly about Daring Do and The Stairs To The Sky, a return to form for AK Yearling.

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Woah, this hits hard. Great story, the switch up really caught me off guard.

Good story, but obvious poke at the MLP fandom....

Next time we hear from her, she'll be going on about the friendship journal by the Elements of Harmony.

Aww, poor Sweet Pepper. You had me confused at first with her going off on what I thought was a stranger, but then really pulled it back around to her character with the reveal at the end, and made it all the more sad.

Brilliant story.

Oh that would be a perfect sequel😁

Hmmmmmmm. You know, that doesn't sound half bad. :pinkiecrazy:

I can actually picture this as a movie review series on YouTube.

Good story.

If you want my reaction to this story listen to the beginning of “u” by Kendrick Lamar

"Loving you is complicateeeeeeeeed"


her character with the reveal at the end,

Maybe I didn't read enough between the lines. What was the reveal?

It seems like she's speaking to someone else, but then it turns out she's just talking to herself, drunk and alone in her own bathroom.

Kinda hate how relatable this is, ngl

Oh, I caught that. I thought you might have been referring to this line:

“...I don’t want to be Skydilly anymore….”

Come down to the mansion for your review :twilightsmile:


My Little Reviews & Feedback I forgot to place this... this review is from 2021.

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