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End of the Line is a massive city on the boarder between Equestria and Griffon Territory, it was untouched by the bombs and the mega spells, though the wasteland was not as kind. It is now under the control of several cartels each of them running massive industries between slavery to narcotics, and everything between. The city's run by a massive city council all of the ponies on which are all fighting for their own interests. And at it's center are the Big Five the largest cooperation in the wastelands. In this world the ponies, changelings, and griffons live under constant stress. The city would have been a living hell for them if it weren't for those that would fight tirelessly the good fight. This is the story of those few. Those brave. Those Heroes.

Lapis: Sapphire the Crystal Archer, belongs to Dusk the Batpack, used with permission.
Light Chase and Dream Chase belong to SpheeDC, used with permission.
Ash belongs to LightningScratch used with permission
High Flyer and Rusty belong to MasterDerek118 used with permission.

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Comments ( 12 )

nice to hear from you again!

Oui. Merci beaucoup. I hope you enjoy the story.

Of course I did! I even worked on a spin-off myself

You have confused Bagel??? What do you mean?

I made a fallout Equestria spin off with an Oc of my own

Why was End of the Line named that before the big war?

It was the end of the equestrian railroad.

#needs more violence, but no seriously i like the set up, the concept, the characters, and all the brutal things swirling in my mind that I both want and don't want to happen to them, I don't know how far you'll go but I'm excited to see :)

nice job! love the small german touch you did there

Merci beaucoup or should I say Danke schon? :pinkiehappy:

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