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When Wind Whistler, a pegasus from G1, falls into a portal that leads her to G4, she is at first puzzled, for the way she looks is 'unlogical'. She hopes that in this new land, she will be accepted, unlike back in her own generation. However, when she flies to the small town of Ponyville, things turn out to be worse.
Much, much worse. (Slight gore, but nothing more than 'I stepped on a stick, and my coat looks like it is turning red, but I know that it is my blood' and such.)

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Interesting concept, but this story is strange. I wish Wind Whistler was in FiM.

I know, me too. It would be nice to have one of the wonderful original ponies in FiM. It would help me enjoy t and not think that it is a disgrace to ponykind. Everypony is so sassy!

Must be a culture shock, she gets scared very easily.


The word you're needing here is illogical my good author.

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