• Published 18th Oct 2020
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But I Really Do Have Feelings - Clearnote

When Wind Whistler flew to Ponyville, she thought that she would be accepted.

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I stand up, ready. Clearnote smiles.

"Who are you?" she asks me.

"I am Wind Whistler, cast from my world, mocked in Ponyville, and a runaway," I answer. The words leave my lips simply, easily, and lightly. I am no longer afraid. In fact, I feel very warm inside.

Clearnote continues to grin.

"And this world?" she asks. "Does it have a ruler?"

"Well, Majesty rules over her castle and some ponies consider her to be the queen... And there's Rosedust, the queen of the Flutter Ponies... And a bunch of other kings and queens and a prince or princess here and there, but no one is the king or queen of everyone." I say, answering her question. It's just so easy.

Clearnote looks very happy, and very maniacal.

"Thank you, Wind Whistler. Now follow me. We have plans to make..."

Author's Note:

Sorry that this post-epilogue is so short. I thought that short and sweet would make a good ending, because I feel like it brings suspicion. Hope you enjoyed the book, and see you for book two! It'll be called 'I Can't Help But Expect The Worst'. Bye, for now!

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The word you're needing here is illogical my good author.

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