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This story is a sequel to EQG: Sword Art Online - Aincrad

With her protege, Sunset Shimmer, and her friends in the human world trapped in SAO, Princess Twilight Sparkle seeks a way to free them from the virtual prison. Even with magic on her side, it is not a simple task. Twilight Sparkle doesn't understand the cutting edge technology of the NerveGear, and if she does something wrong, she could kill her friends.

Princess Twilight Sparkle isn't the only one concerned. All of the students at CHS are affected. Flash Sentry, and Micro Chips want to do all they can to free their friends.

To make matters worse, all of the girls dove into SAO with their necklaces on, and with them trapped, there is no one with magic to protect the world around them.

Unlike EQG:SAO - Aincrad there will not be a posted schedule. These started as blog posts to answer questions from the readers. They also are only edited by me, and they did get some significant edits from the blog posts to make sure they are ready for chapters. The focus is still on the main story, so I know there will be errors, but nothing major. Also, I have no ending. Where I am in the Asides is where I am in the answer as to what is going on in the real world, so together we will see where it goes!

First Featured: 1/5/21

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I'm happy you decided to put them all together into an actual story

I went back and forth, but it became a bigger project that really deserved a better compilation than blog posts. It still is a side project compared to the main story. How do you like the cover?

A surprise to be sure but a welcome one :twilightsmile:

Well, glad we get to see what's happening here.

Nice to see this as a story of its own.

Hmmm, faraday cage for the cable (and its magical equivalent) should help on the connection ... BTW how much 'spare' cable is on either side?? (how much maneuver room is available) ...

As for the portal, it seems if there's an similar person on the other side, the traveller is mapped onto their form (explains Spike doesn't it) ... though the age translation/accommodation still needs to be looked at (Canine-Spike for example) ...

Hmmm, is the game doing a one-for-one time frame or ... ??

Nice chapters! I think you kinda missed a golden moment with Sandalwood, it would have been amusing if he spoke in Rhyme suddenly lol I look forward to the next entry in this. Meanwhile i think i shall start on the main story

I don't think I will answer that, only ask the questions. Lol. That is a difficult thing to answer. I was going to do more of a simple plug like a coax cable or 6mm Aux cable, something like we see Twilight use when testing Pinkie Sense. Those are the only cables I recall being used in the show.

Thanks! I may have missed an opportunity, you are right. Although, I could force a regress, where he slowly goes to rhyming the longer he is a Zebra. I was just trying to come up with something different than one of the three pony races to have fun with the interdimensional transmutation of objects and individuals.

And don't hesitate to comment on the main story! I am sure you will enjoy it.

I missed this comment. What do you mean by a one-to-one time frame?

Time sync between the game and the outer world, usually MMOs have some compression going on (EQ is 1-20 [one EQ hour is 3 RL min]) ... at 1-20 the 115 days outside would be over six years in game ...

It's a 1:1 sinc with a 24 hour clock.

Sweet! It was a simple flip. But fun.

I can see 3 things that would do, ...something
1 pulling them through the mirror
2 magic infusion
3 enchanting the nerve gear

With the failsafes of the NerveGear, all of those could cause it to fry their brains.

Hey, you should link this in the main story.

How would 3 and especially 2 do that?

Well, that depends on how you mess with the coding. Magic doesn't just solve everything. If the NerveGear's internal systems detect anything "wrong" it fries the brain. If you move them to Equestria, the WiFi signal will go dark and the NerveGear will fry their brain. Send the magicians over, and they don't have magic.

Plus, pulling the girls out leaves the rest of the others stuck. As discussed with the moral quandaries. It also risks their lives if they are in a fight and get pulled one by one.

What about 2, infusing the players with magic?

How? Magicians can't retain their magic if they head over to the human side, and taking the girls to Equestria is impossible. The WiFi will cut off and the NerveGear will fry their brains.

Friendship magic might be able to be triggered, especially with the geodes or/and elements

Just a devils advocate position. Lets ignore the state morality of the situation, and the safety. What would be the point? They are out, and the rest are stuck?

Not to get them out, but to give them a boost to help them help others survive

Oh. I missed that transition. Yes, possibly. I can 100% guarantee you that the magic is working to aid them as much as it can without tipping off the Cardinal System that runs the game. If you don't know SAO, Cardinal System is the game engine and it has the ability and authority to do whatever it needs to to regulate and balance Aincrad without any outside help from humans.

So adding more would do nothing positive?

Possibly. I'm still working on a few things, and you have given me plenty to think about and work with. I know how EQG:SAO ends, I don't know how the Asides will go. You guys are as caught up as I am.

Shouldn’t you add a link in the original story people don’t always know about stories like this even if they like the original

A link to what story, SAO? Because this is linked as a sequel and that is stated, with a link to EQG:SAO - Aincrad in it

It happens. You were not examining the story description like a new person would.


You might want to drop some info about how the Nervgear transfers so that people don't just keep asking. Because right now we don't know how the microwave emitter, the actually lethal part of the device, ports over.

Not that it really matters. The only reason they didn't figure out a way to disarm the gears and get everyone out within a few months is because Kayaba built the things out of authorial fiat.

Next installment will, somehow, address that.

I have a couple of questions...

- What could happen if someone with a nervegear travel the portal? // Not sure if the portal could disconnect, turn the nervegear into something else, or do something different as the nervegear have the form of a human head not a pony head

- What about Discord? Could they not just ask him to snap the fingers and help? Is a problem many forgot, there is a Deus Ex Machina that can do whatever he wants and don't think of him

Good question. The portal has a high risk of setting the NerveGear off. They don't know what it will do. Also, even if it transforms, disconnects, and the person lives, they don't know what will happen to the brain being disconnected through the portal since it is wired to the NerveGear and that has a specific shut off sequence for safe exit of the unit.

Discord. I love him, but have you ever noticed how his magic is not linear? It never quite does what you need it to do. It's fun, it's powerful, but at it's essence, there is no Point A to Point B with it, unless you take the scenic route and add in something zany.

They don't know what the Nervegears could do crossing the portal but they can at last try to experiment with dummies and with recovered Nervegears.

About Discord, while he not always do what others want him to do, is because they impose many rules... He wanted to corrupt the bearers when he first appeared and he did. Maybe he could do it different or not how you expected? sure, but he can. Is just that trying to control chaos never works. You said it, there is no Point A to Point B unless you take scenic route but... Could the price be enough? Could they suffer the scenic route in exchange of helping them?

There is also something else that I managed to think.... What about Starlight Time Travel?

There is a lot i have to work though. I am not any father ahead than what i post. But I will always keep coming back to the morality of only pulling them out, and the logistic impossibility of removing all the players though a single, small, portal. As well as the potential to remove them at a bad time, resulting in the deaths of those who need them.

"So she could be 25, but being told she is 17?" Starlight Glimmer asked, getting oddly excited.

Ahh... So BladeKlein is possible!

I've named that Kleinscape, since several other readers were shipping the two of them. There are others also pushing for BladeBunny as well.

I also did my best to answer a question we all were unsure of, her exact age. We have a good idea on their school grade, but how do we know that Twilight would even need to go to school because of her age when she crossed over the portal.b

Is it just me or does every character from this reality seem oddly credulous. I don't think I've ever seen people so quick to accept the reality of alternate and mystical worlds with absolutely zero evidence before.

Kikuoka is an interesting character. It is exactly how he would act. If you have read through the Alicization Arc, you would understand. He is a fun character.

Perfect, I was wondering what was happening in the real world while the main story was going on. Thanks for this :pinkiehappy:. I hope the next chapter goes into more detail about how Equestria reacted originally, that is something I am really curious about. Also this contraption that Starlight speaks of, is it trying to modify the mirror to disable the conversion matrix, or is it something to try and connect to the internet? because those are the only reasons I can infer that would require information about the physics of the portal and varying dimensions. Whatever the case may be, these three chapters were amazing.
Hope to see you in the next chapter,

I'm grad you are enjoying it. And no, that is not what the contraption is.

good to see this side story update and that they are one step closer to help thier friends.

She had lost track of time, and had tried several different things. The simplest of all of her contraptions made the lightbulb turn on. The second one was similar to what she had used to test pinkie sense. The final contraption was a set of switches. If it worked, they could flip them with the program on the other side. At least, that was the theory.

But they already have electricity and early modernization in manehatten

Really? Because that could be produced by magic, not real electricity.

Well they have washing machines, working elevators, lightbulbs, ovens, toasters. They have alot of tech

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