But I Really Do Have Feelings

by Clearnote


It was a cool day.

Leaves blew through the air, a light breeze lifting them to the heavens.

A perfect day for Gusty. But not for me.

My name is Wind Whistler. I am a pegasus mare with a blue coat and pink mane and tail. And I am logical.

Very logical.

I went on a stroll this morning. Buttons was teasing me for being smart, and I didn't feel like hanging around. Apparently being logical means that you have no feelings. I know that this statement is untrue- I do have feelings. I simply do not express them at the drop of a hat like everypony else.

As I reach the part of the forest that Shady is always so scared of, a tear rolls down my face. Many more follow it. I burst into silent sobs, but I don't that stop me. My legs drive me forward and have no plan of stopping.

But that changes. I step on something, something sharp. It impales my upper right hoof, straight through the center. I start to wobble, and then I collapse on the forest floor beneath me. My cyan coat begins to turn red. Or, at least, it looks like it is. I know it is my blood.

I bet the others would laugh.

They don't care about me. They never did. They never will. I use my teeth to pull the stick out of my hoof. The blood begins to gush. Tears are still coming, but no sobbing noises escape my mouth. I will not allow them.

Limping, I search for any long leaves to use as bandages. Instead, I smack into Wishful.

"Help, help, can't find other bushwoolies, bushwoolies! Help, lost, lost, very lost!" the purple bushwoolie cries quickly.
When he sees my wound, he gasps.

"Wind Whistler, Wind Whistler! Hurt, hurt, hurt, not okay! Help, going to help, help Wind Whistler!"

I give a smile, or try to, but the pain stops me. Another tear falls. Drip, drop, drip, drop. Wishful grabs leaves, which, with his incredible speed and knowledge of the forest, does not take very long. Soon, I am bandaged.

"Many thanks, Wishful," I say, being as polite as I can, trying to show emotion.

"Welcome, you're welcome, very welcome!" he cries, before zooming off to find his friends.

I sigh and continue walking. However, my walking is cut short as a large vortex, like a hole through reality opens up right in front of me. I am intrigued. Never has this happened before, in my memory. At first, I recoil, but I can't help but get closer to this mysterious tear in the world. Closer, closer, until I am blinded by the light. The last thing I remember was its glassy, lilac swirls before I was sucked in.