But I Really Do Have Feelings

by Clearnote

Chapter 1

What happend?

My eyes flutter open. This isn't the forest. And... why does everything look so different?

It's not just where things are, everything looks odd. The trees are thinner and have an airy look to them. There are many houses, which all look like they were made by a baby pony. Where are the stables? These are not estates or castles at all!

And... and... I look weird. I'm so thin and small, and my wings are larger, skinnier, and more feathery. As I painfully trot over to a small pond beside me, I am in horror. My snout is so small, and my mane is longer and looks different in a way. My eyes are huge, and my ears are bigger, too.

Everything looks different in a way that even I cannot describe.

It would be illogical to scream and panic, for that would never get anything done. So, I trot over to the land of many odd houses. I am wondering if I can even fly with these odd wings, so I take off to the sky.

To be honest, it's easier! With my large wings and small body, air travel is much more logical! If only the others could see me. They would be jealous of my flight.

I also see no humans. My guess is that no one has ever gone over the rainbow to find some. I guess I could do that for them. Then, maybe, I could be treated kindly in this new land.


Once I make it into the town, whenever I see a pony, I smile. These ponies have never bullied me. If I am kind, they never will. I see a green pegasus with a green mane and tail kicking at the clouds in the sky. This is odd, but I see how logical this could be if a pony wanted a clear sky. I fly up, and try to copy her movements to bust the clouds. She looks at me strangely, and flies over to me.

"What are you doing?" she asks. She seems to be confused.

"What you are doing," I reply simply. "Kicking the clouds."

She laughs. It's not a mean laugh, it's a kind one. She looks familiar. I feel like I know her.

"Medley?" I ask, hiding my shock. She nods.

"I am Sprinkle Medley. And you?" she asks politely.

"I'm Wind Whistler," I say, now hiding my sadness now knowing that this is not the Medley I know.

She does a flip. "Want me to teach you how to bust properly, Wind Whistler?" she says brightly. I smile and nod my head.


Medley and I are having a blast! She taught me how to kick clouds (This will be very handy if I ever return home. The others will love me!), how to make a cloud start to rain (Good for bullies!), and how to properly fly (I guess I wasn't doing it right!).

To be honest, I've never felt this happy. My life has gotten significantly better since I fell through that portal, even though I do miss my home.

Medley flies up to me. "What do you want to do next?" she asks, obviously excited.

"I do not have an idea of what to do next," I reply simply. Medley grounds herself, and I land as well. She puts a hoof to her snout. It is clear that she is thinking.

"Oh, I know!" she cries. She runs off, and I have no choice but to follow her.

She stops at a large crystal house. "You should meet Princess Twilight!" she practically yells in excitement. So this is what a castle looks like in this world? Odd.

Medley knocks on the door, and when it opens, she shoves me right in. I crash into a small dragon. I rub my head.

He stands up. "Hey, watch it!" he cries. When I look at him, I see how similar he looks to a dragon I know.

"Spike?" I ask, hoping that he was cast into this world as I was. He nods. I am happy, but as usual, hide it. Spike leads us to a door, then up a flight of stairs. I see a large, crystal table in the center, along with seven crystal chairs, one of which is smaller than the rest.

Spike sits down in the smaller chair. He seems so accustomed to this that part of my happiness leaves me, knowing that this, just like Sprinkle Medley, is only similar-looking and similar-named ponies of both of these worlds.

When the baby dragon unfurls his wings, I know for sure that this is not the Spike I know. The Spike I know has not grown his wings yet.

"Twilight," Spike whispers to a purple pony seated in the chair next to him. "There are visitors!"

The pony, Twilight, who has the same name as a unicorn I know though looks nothing like her, looks up from her book. She waves.

"Please, sit down. What seems to be the problem?" she asks kindly. Sprinkle Medley sits in the chair with a diamond symbol on it, and I sit down in the one with the apples on it, because it reminds me of a pony I know.

"Well..." I start.

Before I can continue, Medley buts in and says, "Wind Whistler is new here, and wants to meet you!"

I blush red. I was going to say that I was from another world, not that I wanted to meet her, but I can apply it later. The unicorn, Twilight, unfurls a pair of wings, just like Spike had. My jaw drops when I see that she is both a unicorn and a pegasus. A unicorn-pegasus!

Twilight sees my shock and folds her wings back in. "I'm Twilight Sparkle, Wind Whistler. And... haven't you seen an alicorn before? Surely, if you knew of alicorns, and that I was one, your jaw would have dropped the second you saw me, not as I unfurled my wings."

My cheeks are redder than ever. My face feels hot. I gallop out of the room and as soon as I reach the door, I spread my wings and take to the skies.