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Life as a struggling showmare is hard, and Trixie has felt the worst of it. Just as things seem they couldn't get worse, an unfortunate accident occurs that threatens to send her over the edge. Or perhaps this unfortunate accident is really a blessing in disguise.

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A fic that has multiple antagonists, doesn't have them horrendously out of character, and makes them both completely sympathetic and relatable?

You have earned my fave.

A very interesting story. A take I never though of before. Nice work.:twilightsmile:

1170660 I don't know why. But I just keep bumping into you. Say, are you from the G and P group, too?

Now, to the author, I'm gonna cut to the cheese.

This was awesome, I would like a sequel and if you do, you're gonna get watched. That's that, them's the breaks, this gets liked and fevorited. Good show.



I hadn't really thought of writing a sequel, though I might come back to it eventually after writing out some of the other ideas. I literally have a list of ideas of ideas to write next, though perhaps I'll add a sequel to this to that list. If I do write a sequel though, it'd just be another shortish one-shot, there are enough fully fleshed out "Trixie Redemption" stories out there.


A list of ideas...

Lots of... oneshots...


This was awesome, I would like a sequel and if you do, you're gonna get watched.


*Watches anyway*

I really like this work, and if your others are half this good, you deserve the watch! :pinkiehappy:

Aww, that was sweet. And by sweet, I mean disgusting!

No, but really that was a cute story. You get a fave, a watch, three Scootaloos and a Trollestia.

I wish this would have been a series, but oh well, this was fantastic!


I may write a brief sequel eventually, but it would just be another little one-shot.

They said it couldn't be done, I said it couldn't be done.... We were wrong, and there was much rejoicing


And what would that be..?

1186370 I had thought that it was completely impossible to make a scenario in which Flim and Flam were at all remotely likeable. I hate them, I dunno why but in the episode and every fanfic I have read with them I have seen them as insufferable and... just awful I guess. What I mean to say is that I am shocked that somebody could write a story and a situation so well as to make me happy they existed. The fact that you were able to do this, while still keeping them completely in character I might add, is very impressive.

Am I the only one who stumbled over "sister of mine" reminding me of the Family of Blood?

fuck, this was really fucking touching

jolly good sir


(Ps. If one does the math, Flim and Flam win without turning off the filter. In my headcanon, they won the farm.)

--Supporter of Flim Flam Fields--

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