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Pinkie Pie is hiding something and her two friends Rainbow Dash and Twilight Sparkle know it. To what length will they go to find the truth, and how much danger are they willing to put themselves in?

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Nice story. I could not find any faults with grammar but I think you could have made us experience RDs element more, it is unlikely for her to want to flee from a potential murderer that could murder everypony.

I really hope you will write a successor to this story! I would love to get to know more about Pinkie's "Team"!

Damn bastard :D good stuff and that mystery huh huh

nice story and i thought Twilight was going to take the red cupcake:pinkiegasp:



This was amazing. I really really want to know more about this team and everything and I want Twilight to ask and take the red cupcake and I - I WANT MORE! I loved every second of it. Please say you'll write more?:scootangel:


I may pick up this story some time in the future and run with it, but for now I've just got too many other concepts I want to write out. If you really want more of this sort of thing I also have an in progress story called A Dream So Real up which has a very similar premise, though Twilight plays a very very different role in that one. Glad you enjoyed this so much though, thanks! :pinkiehappy:

987913 You're welcome! I will totally read your other stuff if its like this. :)

At first I was like:Ha ha!I knew cupcakes was real,thats why,I will never eat a cupcake.

And then:Rainbow Dash,you are the best pony,but seriously,I thought you were cool enough to take the red one...really...I am disappointed...

Wow, this story is fantastic, how is it still on the DL?


Cause I'm just getting into writing for MLP and Equestria Daily didn't like it. Thanks for calling it fantastic though, I worked hard on it!

Yeah, EQD is a fickle character, but the hard work shows, keep on writin'! :rainbowdetermined2:

1007600 EQD has changed significantly. Their stamp of approval means little these days as they do not judge a story by the quality anymore, just their personal tastes.

“I mean, what if...” Dash gulped. “What if Pinkie Pie is some kind of serial killer and she kidnaps ponies by feeding them cupcakes that knock them out and then leads them to her secret room and then she cuts them apart and disembowels them and then chops up their organs and uses them to bake cupcakes with?!”

It's true, though, lmao.

“Alright, I'll help you. But uh...” she looked nervously outside the library window to the dark night. “Could I maybe stay here tonight?”


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