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Celestia has fought many powerful foes. Nightmare Moon. Discord. Chrysalis. But she has only ever feared one. When the nightmare from her foalhood returns for the lives of her pupil and her pupil's friends, what will Celestia do? Will she rescue the Mane 6 from a premature demise? Can she?

Credit for the brilliant cover art goes to my friend Martha at dingus-flavin.tumblr.com.

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Damn good detail and smooth carrying of the story.

+1 internets to you.

"Uruboros... The Serpent of Begginings..." Celestia blanched.

Not to be rude, but that, I think, I supposed to be beginnings

Other then that, I don't see anything, but seeing as I have the vision of a blind man when it comes to writing...
Regardless, I actually liked that, I'll be keeping an eye on this.

slendermane instant read

Ooooh. A story that can give goosebumps. :pinkiecrazy: Very nice!

Hmm strange I'm starting to work out idea for my slendermane story I'm going to write. Going to fav and read is later I love slendermane stories. Wow this is good can't wait to see what happens.

... I am about to go to bed... Apparently this is a decent read... I'll read it. Then I'll comment on it.

Pure fear. :twilightoops: That's all there is to describe the chase scene. You sir, have done a wonderful job and deserve the fave you shall receive. I hope this gets as much attention as it deserves 'cause it's hard to find stories that can make that kind of atmosphere you have portrayed. Thinking up all the backstory for Celestia alone deserve props but to include Slendermane, that's a whole other level. Good job. :twilightsheepish:

After reading: dl.dropbox.com/u/31471793/FiMFiction/emoticons/misc_Octavia_O_O.png
I... am mostly speechless.

I... Would really like to see how this turns out.

"Uruboros... The Serpent of Begginings..." Celestia blanched." beginnings
The blood in Celestia's vains froze. Veins

"On the wall around the frame was a large circle, with an X crossing through the middle and over the photo, overlapping the faces of all of Twilight's friends..."

I got f**king goosebumps for 3 minutes after reading that sh*t.
Wh⊗ is this Slendermane y⊗u speak ⊗f?
Why... he is y⊗ur greatest FEAR!

For the love of the god please dont tell me thay any of the mane six or the princesses are going to die.




A Celestia-centric fic (one not set in the past, even!) where she faces her fears, goes on an epic adventure filled with nightmare fuel, and goes head to head with one of the most fucked up creepypasta monsters ever conceived?

Why can't I hold all these thumbs up?

If could thumbs up more than once,I would.This was an amazing start to what I hope will be a great fan fic.The level of detail was great,and it helped set the mood.Half the time I didn't even feel like I was reading a story.What can I say.A perfect first chapter that got me interested in seeing what happens next.Bravo

You have a wonderfully creepy story on your hands dear; I can't wait to see more. :raritystarry:

I.. I am speechless..
How did you manage to do that?! :rainbowderp:
That was creepy.. But! Interesting. TRACKING AT ONCE! :pinkiecrazy:

Hey everypony! You can't believe how happy I was to see so many people liked and commented on my story :pinkiehappy:. And on my very first one too! You made this brony very happy :twilightsmile: very happy indeed :P. And now, because I love you all and I have no life, I'm gunna try and answer as many comments as I can :heart:

Nice song :)
I accept this generous gift! Thanks!
Fixed. Thank ya kindly, friend.
You bet :pinkiecrazy:
Are we the same person?
Thanks for the compliment!
Thanks for the read :twilightsmile: message me when your story is out, I wanna read it too :scootangel:
Wow, thank you! I got a little scared myself writing that scene >.< glad you liked it!
Heh, thanks :) Don't worry, I intend to write this story whenever I can, so you won't have to wait long :heart:
Thanks for the compliment, bro. I practically worship Slenderman, we would get along pretty well :)
Fixed aaaand fixed. I ALWAYS spell veins wrong :twilightangry2:. Anyway, thanks!
Glad to hear that scene had as much impact as I wanted :yay: how do you make that symbol :O it looks so cool.
:ajsmug: Not tellin ;)
7 minutes. 7 minutes is all the time I have to play with you.
Hahaha, thank you! Celestia is never really the center of any good horror fanfics nowadays, I wanted to change that. Thanks for the thumb!
*Takes a bow*
Thanks :).
Thanks! You won't be dissapointed ^.^

Aaand thats all of them I think. Phew. Well, I'm off to type chapter two! Here's a few words to give you something to look forward to.

Slendermane versus Pinkie Pie.

That is all. Have a nice day, and see you next chapter!

1170316 Haha will do and can't wait I'm typing up chapter five in my slendermane story before I get it approved you'll have to let me know what you think on it.

I need it updated by tomorrow, if you can :twilightsmile:
Then i will have something to do! :rainbowwild: Still glorious job on the story my fellow Brony!
Keep it up, you got real talent for writing ya know? I am pleased, and not as speechless anymore. :ajsmug:

1170316 Word for the wise: Don't burn yourself out.

*Gets home from school, finds that author of story has messaged me, and after reading his comment, is syked about the emmient awesomeness that's going to occur with Pinkie and Slender, and, appropriately, flutteryays my heart out*

Can't wait for that chapter! :twilightsmile:

Sick, tell me when it's ready :twilightsmile:
Good to hear it :P unfortunately, I don't think the next chapter is coming out for at least a few days :fluttercry: sorry
Noted. Thanks for your concern :pinkiehappy: !
:moustache: twill be epic :3
Thank you master.

And this is why you don't piss off a True monster.

Indeed. And it's only getting started:ajsmug:

Very nice and interesting begining!
I'll follow this story!

1172286 you get the link I sent you my good Slendermane? :moustache:

.... Okay, you have my undivided interest in this.... I'm a predator type personality, and this thing just set every instinct off... I'm pumped by this.

If anybody dislikes this,I will kill them :pinkiecrazy:
Anyway I will comment again since I REALLY want to see this story do well.The best thing about this chapter was the build up.You didn't start with princess in forest BOOM slendermane.You created perfect suspense without dragging at all.I really hope the next chapters will be just as good.So please don't rush with this one.

Apparently it was an Alt + (Number) code. Alt + 2297 I think.
But when I do that code, it works differently and more randomly on different websites, and most of all, Skype.
Anyway, I'm glad I got a reply from the best Slender-writer on FiMfiction!
What do you prefer as rating-symbols?
Because I can give you all if you want:
Also, when will you be posting chapter 2? :D

Thanks :)
Yep! I posted a pretty sizable comment on it, in fact. You should check it out, I think it could help your writing out a lot :twilightsheepish:
I... don't know how to respond to that. Thanks? xD
I don't plan on it haha. I'm happy you're so interested, and I'll try my best to do a good job!
Ah, shucks, I'm not that good :pinkiehappy: as to when the next chapter will be out; I'm currently writing at about 1,000 or so words a day, because I'm so busy with school and everything. But don't worry, I plan to cancel all human interaction on Saturday and spend the entire day typing, so expect it Saturday night, or Sunday afternoon at the latest ^.^

1189947 yea I changed some things around it just seems much better now thanks

So glad to hear that, especially on a Friday beginning a 3-day weekend! :pinkiehappy:
I await the next chapter with EXTREME anticipation! :pinkiecrazy:

Dun dun duuuunnn!

:derpyderp1: wow! this is really good. Very nice job on creating suspense, but do work on your spelling?

1189947 I see slendermane or Slender Man I'd say this...


I want to enjoy this fic, but the problem with me is that I always envision the scenes of stories in my mind, and I usually envision them with all the crap that's happening is happening to me. I am also absolutely terrified of Slenderman. You do the math.

Saturday, you say?
(Checks date)

Okay guys, here it is, I hope you're bucking happy xD. So. Many. Words. This chapter is a monster and I don't want to ever ever ever have to write something this long again :raritydespair:. Just know that I did it for you guys, and that I did it out of love :heart: Now for a few notes.

One, I'm sure everyone noticed how light most of this chapter is on the horror. I tried to put as much slender goodness in there as I could, but canon Pinkie, as you can guess, does not lend herself well to the horror genre. Still, I tried to make a unique mechanic between Slendermane and our favorite pink pony that was at least slightly compelling. I have no idea if I succeded or failed. You decide.

Second, if you're dissapointed with everything past Fluttershy's cottage, know that I was super tired when I wrote it and that I will go back to edit it ASAP when I regain the will to touch a keyboard. I just hope I did a good enough job that you guys will be pleased.

Third, if any of you got a notification that I had released this chapter early, It was because i'm a moron and I accidentally pressed the publish button instead of the edit button. Sorry. :fluttercry:

On a happier note, while I was in the process of writing this chapter I saw that I got featured for, like, a milisecond. Still, it was a milisecond I will cherish forever.

I love all you guys, and without you I wouldve never gotten through this chapter. Please, if you see any grammar or spelling errors, tell me and I'll correct it. I want to make reading this the best experience possible for my readers.

:heart::heart:thanks for sticking with me.:heart::heart:

Dear, stop that. When Rainbow Dash died I got the shivers and I can't stop. You were light on the horror in the beginning of the chapter, you more than made up for it at the end. The scariest story I have read on this site by far :raritycry::raritydespair:
This needs to get featured so others can see it

amazing. waiting for next chap

No, not Rainbow Dash! D:

New chapter?


This shall be awesome! And I saw you get featured, so congratulations!

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