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College inbound! · 6:53pm Aug 3rd, 2013

Hey folks, to any of you who are wondering why I'm not updating a lot anymore, I'm actually in the process of preparing for college! It's going to be amazing and fun, but also very time consuming. I simply don't have the time to be working on my stories enough to make any significant progress. Basically, until things settle down and I find enough time to actually let the mojo flow, consider all of my stories to be on hiatus. I'm going to be even busier in college, so this might be a long one,

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Shenanigans! · 1:50am Jul 17th, 2013

A lot of crazy shit went down and my submission of Dark Souls: Equestria went terribly, terribly wrong. Could someone do me a favor and tell me whether or not it's actually visible on my page? I can't see it at all :/

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It's done! · 4:19am Jul 16th, 2013

Over 11,000 words. Ages of planning. The time is nigh! My dreams of being a Kkat wannabe will finally come true!

Brace yourselves. Dark Souls: Equestria is coming!

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AAAWH YEEAAAAHH · 2:23am Jul 13th, 2013

Mmm girl that feature spot feels niiiiice xD

Maybe TEoF won't be going on hiatus? We shall see ;)

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Change of Plans! · 2:59pm Jul 8th, 2013

Hey! I totally lied on the last post! Ha! Ha ha ah!

I will continue to update The Twilight of Change weekly, but I'm just not feeling the magic with The Element of Fear anymore. That's not to say I won't be updating it; there is still another chapter coming sometime this weekend. I'm just saying TEoF will be put on the back-burner while I work on something I hope will put me on the map here on good ole' Fimfiction.

Wish me luck!

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Update Info/First Blog Post · 12:16pm Jul 2nd, 2013

Hey guys, figured I'd start this blog so you guys aren't left in the dark about why I keep going offline for like months at a time. I'm a very fickle writer- and I get bored easily. That's basically the reason. From now on though, I will be sure to type a blog post if I'm about to quit it; I owe you guys that much.

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