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This story is a sequel to The Last Cutie Mark Crusader

The Great Timberwolf War ended with an armistice, leaving Equestria a ravaged and scarred land. Rising from the ashes of the conflict, former adversaries strove to rebuild together in a new bond of peace.

In order to secure a lasting future for both ponies and changelings alike, Princess Twilight Sparkle enlisted one of her trusted subjects with a daring task: to take an old enemy under her wing and if possible, befriend him.

This assignment, potentially the first of many similar arrangements, promised to set the stage for all prisoners of war to be released and usher in a time of healing. The directive, widely criticized as being nothing more than an impossible dream, became commonly known as The Friendship Initiative.


The Sex tag is for flirting, innuendo, and discussion of species specific mating practices. The violence is fairly tame, but some characters spar frequently and there is an incident of domestic/family violence. There is also some use of alcohol.

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