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Mystic Sunrise

Why am I still in this fandom?



This story is a sequel to Dance of The Waters

Princess Twilight's birthday is coming up, and this year, she decides to do something different, and celebrate it with her friends in the Human World.

This also gives her and Sci Twi a chance to see where they are going with their relationship. And Sci Twi knows just the place.

A nightclub that caters to same sex couples. With their friends, and an unexpected guest from Equestria, it will be a night not soon to be forgotten.

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Lovin it already :pinkiehappy:

I just wanna say, GOD I LOVE THAT COVER PICTURE :pinkiehappy::rainbowwild::raritystarry::twilightblush:

I know right? It screams romance, and was 99.999% responsible for this whole universe in the first place.

A nightclub that caters to same sex couples.

Will this be in the next chapter...?

If not the next one, it will be a location in the story. This is one has hit a massive roadblock of writer's block though. So I don't know when that would be.

Comment posted by RandomMLP deleted Sep 20th, 2020

Are u gonna continue this story eventually? I wanna read what happens next, how far will Twilight's relationship blossom with her human counterpart

I will. Honestly, not sure what else I can do for the two that would advance their relationship they haven't already done. I refuse to write sex, so that won't be shown, even if it's mentioned in the future.

Marriage is the next big thing I can think of for the two. But that is way in the future. Both in universe and in writing.

Anyone else hearing 'It's Our Big Night' starting up in the background?

A nice fluffy setup chapter. Though it's certainly awkward to be getting the Dad talk from your own father.

If the A/N includes a wish for suggestions, Spectrum sounds like a club name, and references the LGBT rainbow without being too blatant as to dicourage any straight guests, at least in my opinion. Or you could just go the easier route and name it after whoever you decide is the owner.

I didn't realize you merged the first two chapters and I was a little confused.

It was a wish for name suggestions. I'll probably end up using yours if nopony else offers any. It's a fitting name for sure. Don't know why I didn't think of it :p

[Rainbow Dash]PFFT, HAAAA HAAAA HA HAAAAAAAAAAHAAAAAAAAAAHAAAAHAAAA! :rainbowlaugh: That last line, I just, HAAAHAHAHA :rainbowwild:

There honestly needs to be more Twitwi stories on this site.

Rainbooms as mermaids - redoing the Seaquestria segment of the movie??

How exactly? The girls' reactions for sure. But that would be it. Hippogriffs are extinct, and that means there is no Human world equivalent for them.

Ah, the details (*chuckles*) - it was just a thought, even if wrong ...

The butterfly continues to flap it's wings...

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