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Mystic Sunrise

Why am I still in this fandom?


This story is a sequel to A Day at Sea

Spring Break is upon Canterlot High. With her friends busy with their own things, Sci Twi decides now is the perfect chance to return to Equestria once more.

With their time together so short, she and Princess Twilight decide to return to where it all began for the two of them. With no major thing to worry about, they plan to make the most of this time together.

A time is soon coming when they won't be able to see each other much for quite some time, and they plan to make the most of their time together.

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Keep the Twitwi stuff coming, we don't have enough of it. :twilightsmile:

Damn right we don't. But this will be the last Twitwi story from me for a while. Next story is set long before either of them are born.

Idk about China "taking" Twilights Magic or kinda things, The people's of volunteer army in Korea War can be called that the most powerful magic in the world.(We don't need that)

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