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oh very fun read so far, I wonder how the transformation will keep on progressing without the guy noticing it, will he passe the stripes as had body paint as a ritual, how about the jewels on his ears, the eyes shadow around his eyes, or the back muzzle, can't wait to see how he will deal with the hooves and tail? Looking forward to see what will happen next.

@alCROWholic bruh

Very curious to see where this goes ^^ there's never enough zebra or zecora fics out there.
Keep going :pinkiehappy:

Nice so his perception of himself will adjust accordingly to his change nice touch.

This is a nice read. :twilightsmile:

I'm looking forward to the next chapter.

Heh, once he starts really going full pony I wonder if the startled reactions of the other townsfolk will break through the perception shift or if he's just going to insist he's fine and everypony goes nuts trying to figure out what's happening to him while he just dismisses their concerns.

yay its not over!~:pinkiehappy:
Hope to see more soon

You’re something of a loner yourself, in the sense that you usually try to do everything yourself. Leaky roof? You’ll fix it yourself. Sick? You’ll concoct your own medicine.

Still, if you're that type, that is a man's attitude, right there.

Forcing it a bit there Zecora. Sometimes her rhymes were less than sensical. In her own (lyrical) words, it’s part of their culture for shamans to rhyme in speech. As many of their incantations require it, it’s drilled into them from birth. The shaman life is passed down from generation to generation along with all of their knowledge and possessions.

Apparently there's a canon reason for that; Supposedly she does that because spells often work best inrhyme, so she started talking just so.

You’re handed a cup of something. It’s lukewarm and tickles your nose with a bitter scent. Not wanting to be a rude guest you down it in one go and nearly gag, it’s alcoholic! She pats you on the back as you try to get air into your windpipe again. The others laugh and jeer, some trying to emulate the feat themselves.

Your surroundings begin to blur. A small spark of worry fills the back of your mind – Zecora has been strangely quiet for a long time now. Not that it matters. The party is getting good and you’ve got a good buzz coming on from all this zebra booze. The fire illuminates the zebras, a veil of dark grasping the savannah.

I'm getting a Rip Van Winkle vibe, here.

Really enjoying the humor and elements of transformation that you have done so far with this story. I’m looking forward to seeing more!

A fever dream of sub-African documentaries and stereotypes.

Wahoo, glad to see this one continue. Did you mean Sub-Saharan African here?

Ah... I recall this. I'm super happy its being continued and expanded. Not enough Zebra tfs around.

Nice to see another update so soon, wonder when he will start to realize some inconsistencies with himself.

...he brushed against his ears while running his hands through his hair?
Are his ears shifting, or was he brushing the sides of his head?

You’re being watched. Wooden masks twisted into scornful scowls surround you on all sides. You feel like you’re being pricked with a thousand little needles, all over the surface of your skin.

Talk about staring daggers at someone!

Whats your choice of genre?


I would assume this Time Turner was not the Doctor. Otherwise, he would shrug at some minor body modification like this.

Nice story. Would've loved to see more.

a little sudden for an ending but it's a fine ending

“Dude, seriously – you have no idea how good she is. She rides like a tiger .“

Hmmm... considering where she came from, Shouldn't it be a lion/lioness instead? Oh, and you are her prey.

And likely go on about some "wibbly-wobbly timey-wimey" stuff. (while secretly wanting to be a ginger)

This was a great story i'd love an epilogue to this story and/or sequel where he adapts to being a zebra and maybe include him impregnating Zecora and how he adapts to being a father for their soon-to-be foal and how Zecora starts to glow as a mother and maybe an ending that has them explaining to their grown foal the origin of his father and how his mother helped him feel loved and wanted

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