• Published 23rd Jun 2020
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Starring Stripes - alCROWholic

You are close friends with Zecora, one day she invites you to her home so you can study the stars together.

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Comments ( 6 )

Nice story. Would've loved to see more.

Great chapter! Great story!

a little sudden for an ending but it's a fine ending

“Dude, seriously – you have no idea how good she is. She rides like a tiger .“

Hmmm... considering where she came from, Shouldn't it be a lion/lioness instead? Oh, and you are her prey.

Very nicely handled.

This was a great story i'd love an epilogue to this story and/or sequel where he adapts to being a zebra and maybe include him impregnating Zecora and how he adapts to being a father for their soon-to-be foal and how Zecora starts to glow as a mother and maybe an ending that has them explaining to their grown foal the origin of his father and how his mother helped him feel loved and wanted

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