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[Transformation, mind alteration]

Courage Fire is an ambitious alchemist, called upon by Celestia to revive the comatose Changelings left behind after the Canterlot invasion. The solution lies within a mysterious book found in the archives, but will Courage take things too far in her quest for recognition?

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You will be assimilated into the Hive. Resistance is futile.:coolphoto:

I have wanted to use that meme in context for a LONG time.:pinkiehappy:

Celestia’s muzzle was clenched tight, “We don’t know. The foremost scholars on the subject suspect that without a queen, they can’t take care of themselves. Ever since we apprehended them, none of them have spared as much as a word to us for their captivity. When the Queen was defeated they fell to the ground, still breathing, but not living.”

Basically, they aren't living, just not dying.

Despite this, Courage felt a deep sense of unease. None of these spells were designed to attack the reader, just to nudge them in the wrong direction. Casting a transformation spell on a private entry was a common defence mechanism. Instead whoever had cursed this book did so hoping that none would ever uncover its true nature.

“Not my type of bedtime reading, but… I would like to take it to my chambers for the time being.”

Bad idea 1.

Courage read aloud to herself,

Bad idea 2.

It was nigh incomprehensible. The ramblings of a mad pony scrawled outwards in an ominous spiral, stained in blood red ink. The tome had changed from an ordered collection of changeling sightings and study to… whatever this was. She leaned in and started to decipher the text, her eyes hanging heavy due to a lack of sleep. Her curiosity burned bright, this would be the last entry, she told herself.

Bad idea 3. Care to make it four?:ajbemused:

Courage, finally returned to reality, hopped down from the chair and walked over to the tome. She’d thrown it as hard as she could. She bundled the book into her arms and closed her eyes. What was that? It felt like someone was speaking to her. Stricken with fear, she returned the book to the desk and hurried into bed, hoping that the warmth of the covers would protect her from the cold that seeped through her fur.

Burn it! Buuuurn it, I say!

Courage had been put on edge by her experience the previous night. She’d bookmarked the offending page so she could avoid it in future. It was possible that those sections were cursed with some kind of spell.

She carefully navigated around the insane ramblings and moved onto the next scholarly section of the book.

Knows the book is cursed. And yet keeps reading. Without telling anypony. Bad idea 4.

“Oh great, more of this crap!” she cried. Yet again the book had descended into madness. The words on the page coalesced into an intimidating and complex structure. Red ink cried foul in much the same way that the previous ones did. Still, despite the overly negative feelings Courage felt about the previous passage that followed the style, she felt a deep curiosity burning in her chest.

Bad idea 5; we just keep lowering the bar, here!:facehoof:

Earning the Princess’ respect was the reward, she told herself. She could establish herself as a leader in the field, and with their endorsement she could provide for her wife – buy her anything she wanted even! Courage sighed and looked down to the book, which through sheer chance had landed upon one of the cursed pages. How did the ponies feel when they wrote these, she wondered? What drove them so?

To quote the meme, "Something is clearly wrong~".

“How amusing.”

Courage twisted in her seat, hanging from the ceiling was Queen Chrysalis. She tilted her head, “Hello again, Courage.”

“I thought I told you to go away.”

“You did, yet you didn’t specify for how long.”

Okay that was kind of funny.

You keep showing up in my stories. x3 Hello!

Huh, that's funny. The like-dislike counter doesn't show up on the page because it hadn't reached 10 votes, but it shows on the featured tab as 6-0.

Whelp... That happened... Nice story tough

Hmm such an interesting way of acquiring a new queen after the death of the last one. I wonder how long it will take before Courage tries and no doubt fails to pull off the same as Chrysalis. We all know she will fail, that's what villians do. They fail.

please continue this


How do you think it'd be continued?

Villainy is defined by the beholder.
Even if it is, villainous by definition. xP

I mean, Courage is there! ... At least her shell thinks it is. . .

No idea. I'm not the one that has all the answers storywise. Would be cool to see what happens after the mc returned home, tho.

Beautifully unnerving. Like it!

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