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Stygian learns what it means to sacrifice for the greater good.

An entry in the May 2020 Pairing Contest.

Thanks to Wishcometrue for editing.

Chapters (6)
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Comments ( 6 )

No sex scene, 0/10


Real talk though, this story is good. I like the characterization of Stygian, as well as his constant struggles with spoilers ;), go read the fic!. This is truly an odd pairing, but you've made it work with an interesting idea and great skill. There were genuinely a few times while editing I almost cried.

Anyone who looks at the comments first, go read this story!

got marvel vibes while reading this lol

cringe narrating: and there it is, the pony of shadows!
stygian: f:yay:ck this sh:yay:t im out

This was a pretty interesting story. I always thought Stygian using remnants of the Pony of Shadows like a stand was a fun visual, but that power turning him into a phoenix (with some help from Philomena) is an unexpected choice. Them traveling where the strings take them and solving problems, then Stygian sacrificing himself to fix as many as he could, is a nice mythical concept. I will say that Equestria is surprisingly stacked with life or death situations, even for this show, including what appears to be multiple ponies with Alicorn Amulets.

The amount of life-or-death was certainly brought up -- I briefly debated using an AU tag as a result (and also wish I could've further emphasized the number of non life-or-death scenarios in contrast in the final chapters).

Thanks for the read and comment!

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