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Lyra has always been a scared pony. Her irrational fears are ruining her relationship with Bon Bon. Being afraid of nearly everything is difficult, but sometimes you have to face the things that frighten you. No matter how irrational they may be.

Entry to The Barcast Writing Contest #3: Halloween in April

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Comments ( 11 )

Nice and grotesque, especially with the descriptions near the end. Also, is that an Arcade Fire reference in the chapter title?

jmj #2 · April 3rd · · ·

Thank you. Im glad you enjoyed the story. I see you comment a lot so I'm happy you've found one of my stories appealing.

It is not an Arcade Fire reference. It's the title of a Peter Gabriel song that I felt was an apt accompaniment to this story.

Got a link to it? I'm only familiar with the Arcade Fire song of the same name.

...People keep telling me I comment a lot, but I sure don't know how they keep finding me or what comments of mine they're referring too. I know I don't comment nearly as much as I read. I've definitely read some more of your stories before, though. (Apparently, that's most of them now that I'm checking.)


And we learn something new every day. Arcade Fire made the song. Peter Gabriel covered it. I just listened the their version and I really like it. Tough to tell which is better.

So, I suppose it was a reference after all.

Awesome. Thank you so much for reading my stories. I usually see you commenting on thedoberman's stuff or in the Cozy Glow group.

Thank you for the submission, I look forward to reading it.


Thank you for hosting a horror contest.

Yeah, that’s always a fun group. And you’re quite welcome.

Got a deep sense of claustrophobia reading this. MLP horror at its best!

jmj #9 · April 4th · · ·

Thanks. Glad you enjoyed it, Dobes.

A twist following by a shocking twist, good job.

jmj #11 · April 15th · · ·

Thanks. I thought this twist up a long time ago but wanted to save it for the right story. I subscribe to the theory that classic horror has to have a twist and I was very proud of this one. Thank you so much for reading and noticing the effort for this twist. I tried very hard to earn the horror.

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