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Fluttershy, ever the happy animal caretaker, is approached by an animal, specifically a snake named Anika, who wants to take care of her for a change.

Contains hypnosis and peaceful cuddles with absolutely no harm coming to Fluttershy whatsoever.

Anika is the property of FluffyXai!

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Phew! I was holdin' mah breath. Good calming story.

I....... I want to know how Fluttershy reacted upon being released. This would make for a great habit for her to get into. When the stresses of her week get to her she visits Anika and has a nice relaxing nap with the snake.

I need to know what happens next!

wow pretty gud stuff lol

I'm quite surprised how positive a reaction this by-the-numbers Kaa-clone fetish story is receiving.

Probably because for once it doesn't end in vore; just sweet snake cuddles. Can it really count as a fetish story if it's not inherently sexual?

I absolutely loved how sweet this was!



I'm terrible sorry to inform you of this but for certain people, the snake cuddles and hypnosis are what make it, err... sensual. Kind of like how footage from iCarly of a young girl sticking her toe in and out of a bathroom tap doesn't seem creepy until you learn one of the producers has a foot fetish and a history of soliciting foot pics from underage girls.

Pretty cute and calming story.

Yes, but that just makes it disturbing, Not necessarily fetishistic. I'm aware some find cuddles sensual, and I'm more than aware hypnotism is a fetish. However, while some view it as a fetish, others view it as an art. If someone in a hypnotists audience finds the show 'sensual' it doesn't exactly make the entire thing fetishistic for everyone.

I'm so happy with how this came out! I hadn't really intended for Anika to be a silent snake but I suppose it is a lot more lore-friendly than an animal that can talk! XD and I felt it was very creative how you wrote it as a dialogue between two characters where one is silent to us. It was a very interesting and cute way of doing the interactions.
It was a very cute, emotionally sensual story, and very touching. Even without speech, I feel you got Anika's personality pretty on-point!
I do want to have more between these two now and I'm the one who draws them all the time! XD (Even if I couldn't seem to settle on a design until now)
You've definitely encouraged me to do more with these tow and put a bit more of a narrative to them in my art.
I also might just have to include a post-waking up scene along with the fully coiled scene I was going to do X3
Thanks again for your lovely writing! It's so nice having a story with lovely snakes that has a more peaceful intention.

I’m glad you enjoyed it! I was trying to decide how to work her dialogue but then figured, “Well, Fluttershy understands animals where we don’t in the show, so maybe that’ll work?” And thank you for the lovely art that inspired the writing!

If a person with a fetish finds something... sensual... and pays someone money to make content of that thing, and finds it to be... sensual... that makes it fetish content. The foot picks are still fetish content, even without any outright sexuality, because the thing that makes it a fetish in this instance is the disconnect from outright sexuality. Crush porn typically doesn't involve people having... relations...(I think...) but it is undeniably fetish content. It's not about you not having the fetish, it's about whether the creator, commissioner, requester, or other responsible party holds the fetish and created to content to appeal to such. In this case... I'm gonna guess that was the intention, yes.


it's about whether the creator, commissioner, requester, or other responsible party holds the fetish and created to content to appeal to such

Well, I suppose I can't argue with that. While I'm still not 100% convinced that Twinkle/Xai wrote this/had this written in a way that could be seen as fetishistic, I can't exactly make a case against it either. I'll just choose to believe that this is pure and innocent fluff, as I know people can enjoy a concept, such as snake hugs, immensely without it being for any amount of sexual gratification.

I dont know whether to be surprised or horrified


While I do hold some of those interests, I wrote this with no sensual intentions whatsoever. It was just meant to be fluffy and relaxing :twilightsmile:

And this is why I like Snakes. So many snakes lead to vore stories which aren't as interesting unless it's not fatal or "Catch and Release" I don't mind temporary storage (is that even the term, lol) but I am glad that this story exists. I wish more stories were like this for a change! Kudos to anyone that does like Vore, but it's commonplace and cuddly stories like this are few and far between with snakes!

And the art I made was just meant to be cute!
Even if I do create other content that is meant to be more appealing to hypnosis/snake coiling fans on whatever level they choose to enjoy things at, doesn't limit my art to only be under the intention of creating sexy things. Sometimes I just want snake cuddles to be cute. Like in this story~

Let's face it who would ever blame Anika for wanting to enjoy that cute soft pony in a cuddly fashion? X3
And Fluttershy gets to relax and unwind stress. It's a cute bonding experience with new friends.

Ah that was created by that new AI website, right?

This was quite a peaceful story here. And I could hear "Trust in Me" playing in my head as Anika had Fluttershy had her under her hypnosis.

Can you settle for Fluttershy recounting what happened with the snake to somepony later?
Fair warning. This an audio only file on another site

Anika is best snake :3

Definitely needs a "what happened next" next chapter. :-)

Nature is vicious competition. On this day the cuddle queen Fluttershy found herself being cuddled instead.

Cute, calming story! Glad to see that Flutters got some much-needed hypnotherapy~!

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